11 Organic Things You Should Have Known Before Turning 40

The benefits of realizing the need or essence of using organic products can be seen or viewed in terms of how healthy one is. Organic products are advantageous for the reason that an individual can keep off from most of the diseases that are associated with inorganic substances. There is the essence or need to emphasize on the importance of organic foods and other products for the health benefits of people. It is good that the governments and health sectors advice and educate people on the same. Choosing organic foods and products can have real benefits for all. The benefits should therefore not be ignored. Health is improved when people choose organic products as one has a healthier life.

11 Organic Things You Should Have Known Before Turning 40

11 Organic Things You Should Have Known Before Turning 40



Most of us have learned or heard of the effects or dangers of eating beef. It is safer to go for organic beef products. Hormones that are given or injected into the cattle are likely to be transferred to humans while we feed on the beef. These hormones are dangerous as they have the effects of rising or increasing cancer risks in humans. The antibiotic given to cattle may also be transferred. It is essentially important or significant to go for products that are organic and are free from these products that are health risks.

Straw Berries

The risks of taking strawberries are that pesticides sprayed on them may be ingested into the system. An individual may be unable to clean or wash off the chemicals on the berries. These chemicals on the body may be harmful to health and may have devastating effects on the skin. One should thus choose organic strawberries.

Pop Corns

Popcorns may be health risks. The microwave may contain toxic substances. The wrapping bags or papers are likely to contain or have carcinogens. These chemicals have been linked to be cancer risks in human beings. To avoid the risks, one should avoid using these chemicals.


The milk most people drink in the homes may be risky to health. The milk contains more of the hormones that are injected in the cattle. These hormones can be taken in the milk by people. The risks of the hormones may include risk of contracting breast cancer in girls and women.

Tomato source

The product may have preservatives. These preservatives are chemicals that have been used in the source so it lasts longer or does not go bad easily. The product may contain BPA. BPA can lead to cancers. In men, it is known to cause the problem of the low count of the sperms.

11 Organic Things You Should Have Known Before Turning 40

Yard Pesticides

Some of these pesticides people choose in home gardens to fight weeds and pests may be dangerous. The exposure of people to the products may have health effects that are undesirable. The products may be irritants to the respiratory system. The exposure may be harmful to the brain and also the nervous system. One should try healthier options that include vinegar or lemon products to eliminate or fight weeds or pests.

All-Purpose Home Cleaners

These are some products that contain a lot of chemicals. These chemicals may be harmful to the skin if an individual using them gets exposed. Bleaches may also have or contain ammonia or even chlorine. These may cause irritation to the respiratory system. It is easier or even better to use sprays that are natural and do not have or contain these harmful substances.


The products or equipment used in the kitchen while we cook are important to consider. Some of them may have negative or devastating effects on health. Some may have chemicals. These chemicals, in the process of cooking, get overheated and may mix with the food being cooked or prepared. These are linked to allergy causation. It is better to go organic and choose products such as stainless steel with less effect.


Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers may also contain or have chemicals. Some of the lids that are used in covering the food while in storage may have BPA. BPA has been linked or associated with causing cancer and low count of the sperms in men. One should choose lids and containers that are free from the chemical.

Water Bottles

Water bottles that are reusable may also have BPA. This chemical is harmful. If women use these water bottles regularly they get the risk of having breast cancer. For the men, the risk of having a lower sperm count comes in. One should go for stainless containers or choose BPA free water storage apparatus.

Natural Spulge

Some or most of the mattresses almost all the people chose to use for their sleep are made of materials that are chemical made and flammable. The effects of using these mattresses include problems of learning and those of one’s memory. These toxins are therefore harmful or dangerous. Instead of using these materials one should opt to go for products for example those made of wool. With the use of wool products all these risks are reduced


Organic products can play a good and important role by ensuring that more diseases are kept away. The use of the products that are organic should be of emphasis. Using organic products is essential in ensuring that one does not suffer health problems and complications even when they grow old. Use of organic products is thus life-saving. A healthier life is achieved or attained when we choose organic living.

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