6 Simple Makeup Steps To Create an Ageless Beauty Effect

6 Simple Makeup Steps To Create an Ageless Beauty Effect

Achieve this Ageless Beauty effect using this step by step guide…

Beauty tips tutorial - Simple Makeup Steps how to apply an Ageless Beauty Effect



Step 1

Use a damp sponge to apply your foundation. Make sure that you blend it in properly to avoid tell-tale tidemarks.
Apply concealer at this stage by dotting it on to under-eye shadows, blemishes and thread veins. This should be done with the use of a brush.

Apply a small amount at a time and blend it in thoroughly.

Step 2

Use half as much blush and twice as much blending. Opt for cream blush as it gives your skin a soft glow. Dot the blush on to your skin and blend with your fingertips.

You can set foundation and blush with translucent powder. However, remember that too much powder will settle into fine lines and wrinkles.

The best way to apply powder is by only blotting onto the areas that need it. Use a large powder brush to brush away the excess by stroking downwards.

Step 3

A few women don’t feel self-confident about applying eye darkness properly. But don’t worry; there exists a solution for that though.

You may use an eye shadow formulation which is easy to apply; a cream-to-powder eye shadow. It is applicable as a smooth cream as well as dries quickly.


It dries to a nice, soft powder finish. Use a subtle shade such as mid-brown, grey or taupe. If your eyes are droopy, blend eye shadow upwards and outwards at the outer corners.

Remember to blend it in thoroughly for that ageless beauty look and feel.

Step 4

Work on your eyes by smudging a mild neutral-toned powder eye shadow under your lower lashes. Use a clean cotton bud when doing that.

Beauty tips tutorial - Simple Makeup Steps how to apply an Ageless Beauty Effect
Avoid using harsh lines of color close to your eyes as it can make them look unattractive.


Step 5

Most women tend to get a dull complexion over the years. This means that the black mascara you’re accustomed to may no longer work for you.

You can switch to a lighter shade for a more flattering effect. Apply 2 thin coats, allowing the first coat to dry properly before applying the second.

Step 6

Use a toning lip liner if you notice that your lipstick tends to leak into the lines around your mouth. Firm it to give an accurate line, yet gentle so as not to drag the skin.
First outline your upper lip, working outwards from the centre. Use some loose powder to dust your lips in order to set the lip liner.

This should be done before applying a glossy, moisturizing lipstick.

Modern-day foundations and concealers contain hundreds of light-reflective particles. These same particles bounce light away from your skin.

This provides your skin with the illusion of added vitality and helps disguise fine lines and under-eye shadows.

You’ll definitely look like an ageless beauty, once you apply these simple steps. Looking younger can always give you that extra boost of confidence and self-satisfaction.

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