9 Lipstick Finishes You Should Know About

If we had to choose one item to represent makeup as a whole, lipstick can be said to be the number one iconic symbol. And most certainly it will be a part of our makeup kit. We are in delight of finding the most beautiful and suited shade for our self. But after some time then you come to find out about different finishes available. Soon you then gravitate to some over others. Because accordingly, each finish has its different texture, lasting power, pigmentation, and overall appearance. In this article, you’ll find a run-down of the same for your pleasure.

9 Lipstick Finishes You Should Know About


1. Creamy

Creamy, as the texture suggests, is full of moisture and provides a hint of shine. But because of this chances are it can unwillingly move around the lip. Thus, it is highly recommended to use a lip pencil underneath to avoid any bleeding and messiness. The most widely available texture, keep them in your hand for quick and easy touchups.

2. Matte

Matte lipsticks deliver flat opaque color that adheres to the lips and consequently has amazing lasting power. Though on the flip-side are known to dry out the lips. Thus in most cases apply lip balm or lip primer to condition proir to matte applications. And on purchasing one look for those that are not streaky as if you do need to layer it more than once it can instantly become cakey and uncomfortable.

3. Satin

Stain lipsticks somewhat resemble matte, however, includes a bit of sheen as well. The effect is like that of satin cloth. And feels of silk. You could say satin lipsticks are the best of both worlds ‘ matte and creamy. They have a reasonable staying power and are not drying which makes it a great option for those who suffer from dried lips but still want that concentrated color of mattes.


Stains and tint come in a liquid, gel and peel-off format. The finish is commonly described as ‘just bitten’ lips that make lips pinker in shade. Or after eating an orange bar your lips than have a subtle color from the bar for some time. They dry down very quickly and the color pay-off is natural. However, due to this subtleness, it is not suited for pigmented lips at all.

5. Sheer

For another natural option, sheers are lovely. They offer a hint of color that also moisturizes the lips too. Available in a creamy or balmy consistency this is another one you should keep in your handbag as over time with talking, eating and drinking it wears off easily. But are too hassle-free as you don’t need to pay so much attention to applying it with perfection.9 Lipstick Finishes You Should Know About

6. Gloss

In other words provides an enormous amount of shine. Initially, a hit amongst youngsters for shine without color, though, many seeking high gloss, color pay-off, and voluminous lips can benefit alike. It can be worn either alone or layered on top of another lip product for extra oomph. Just watch out as there are many with a sticky consistency that can be a drag.

7. Frost

These are high on the shine but with its own type of appearance ‘ an icy type look. Hence, the inspiration for the name of frost. The intensity of the effect can vary from brand to brand and within their own collections. Many enjoy its glam effect though these have a bad rap for settling into the fine line of lips and accentuating them. Thus it is best worn when your lips are in the tip-top shape.

8. Metallic

Think of gold and silver metal. Every metallic lipstick no matter what color it is, be it red, pink, purple and any other all have these undertones of metal. And they are not for the faint-hearted, ‘being regarded as purely bold and attention seekers.

9. Shimmer

Shimmer lipsticks range vastly in opaqueness adorning fine shimmer particles through them. Such particles shimmer like that of glitter as it reflects light. It is definitely something to wear during parties and a night out. And help give that juicy and fuller look lips.

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