A Laywoman’s Review of Immuderm

Of all the youth-enhancing products out there, Immuderm is amongst the most unique. It runs on an immune system improving the main ingredient, it’s designed in Norway and it not only promises to strengthen the aesthetic appearance of your skin, but it also asserts to make your skin “act younger”. You got it, act younger. I’m still not completely positive what that signifies (maybe it adds up in Norwegian?) but the creators of Immuderm assert their immune system promoting primary ingredient can regenerate and revitalize worn-out skin cells.

A Laywoman’s Review of Immuderm


So, the concern many people would love to figure out: Does this unconventional skin cream give good results? To start with, simply because something is original does not really mean it’s high-quality. You could be the principal person in your neighborhood to fill up your swimming pool with honey but it doesn’t really mean families will be lining up at the door to plunge in.

Since Immuderm generally will cost you $90 a pop and you can only acquire it at the Immuderm website or by phoning their toll-free number (*authors note: you could additionally buy Immuderm through Amazon, eBay and select other resellers) it is reasonable to expect some results. To illustrate what we’re working with, let’s take a look at Immuderm’s ingredients.

Immuderm is termed Immuderm for a purpose: its fundamental active ingredient is a known immune system medicine named Norwegian Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan (Beta Glucan). Beta Glucan is a creation of Biotec Pharmacon and is most frequently found in Biotec’s series of immune system promoting edible tablets, typically referred to as Immutol. Biotec claims they invented a way to solubilize Beta Glucan and whip it into a topical compound that can be absorbed into the skin.

The developers of Immuderm assert that the fitness of your skin is directly linked to how vigorous it is and that their immune system enhancing product will assist your skin cells to stay young-looking and protect against wear and tear. Whilst the picture of skin cells with sturdy immune systems is vivid, there is little in the manner of analysis or clinical studies that connect Beta Glucan to balanced skin. If Immuderm has any impact on your skin in any way it probably derives from various other extensively recorded skin helping ingredients such as Retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A) and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (otherwise known as Aloe Vera) which are both on Immuderm’s substance list. Nonetheless, Beta Glucan as a primary ingredient in anti-aging is even now rather new and the outcomes are pending

Without clear clinical research, it’s generally beneficial to check out what real buyers are saying.

I admittedly took pleasure in reading about other folk’s feelings about Immuderm not because the outcomes were unanticipated, but because there were many amusing reports regarding Immuderm’s advertising tactics.

Think about this. You open up your mail one morning to discover a letter addressed to you in pen with a return address to California. You rip it wide open and take out a page that seems to have been cut out of a journal. The subject matter of the document is information on how Immuderm is a breakthrough product and is taking skincare to the next level. Written at the beginning of the write-up is a message: “Get this, it works.- J”.

What would you think? I would feel that one of my good friends in California couldn’t resist recommending Immuderm for me and had to send me the beneficial news. However, in all honesty, Immuderm is generating and bulk disbursing these letters part in parcel of a hidden advertising system. Numerous people go for it. Certain people do not. Creative or misleading? I’ll let you decide.

Sadly, many of the evaluations online in relation to Immuderm concentrated on the advertising and not the true usefulness of the anti-aging cream. I discovered many who liked it and many who thought it was a dud but not enough info to draw any conclusions.

Regardless of all the gimmicks, Immuderm does feature a number of helpful youth-enhancing ingredients (Vitamin A and Aloe Vera) in addition to their self heralded ingredient Beta Glucan. On the other hand, you can get Vitamin A and Aloe Vera in a variety of other skincare products that also have additional active ingredients with verified anti-aging advantages. I’m not sure what influence Beta Glucan has on users with hypersensitive skin. Plus, Immuderm is inclined towards the highly-priced side at $90 a tube. But if you are intrigued by the potential of skin cells with improved resilience and would like to consider a different way of skincare, Immuderm is the anti-aging solution for you.

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