Acne Makeup Tips – Expert Make Up Tips And Tricks

Acne makeup can be a nightmare to find and apply but here are a few helpful tips to help you along

Soothe your skin. Aggressive acne creams can make your skin irritated, flaky, greasy but also dehydrated (believe it or not). Use a specific moisturizer with calming effects, non-comedogenic, to soothe inflammation before applying makeup. This is super important. You need to ‘calm’ your skin.


Clinique has a great acne friendly makeup line. One of their new products is a soothing skin cream called Redness Solutions Urgent Relief Cream. I’m trying it out at present. My first thoughts are that the cream feels great when first applied. My flushed cheeks feel much cooler and fresh. I think I will keep using it ?

Acne Makeup Tips - Expert Make Up Tips And Tricks

Don’t use too much makeup. An overly made-up eye or mouth will call attention to your pimples or scars. Less is more. Opt for an attractive neutral look.

(This is probably a disappointment to you, after all, you arrived on this site because it’s a makeup website but I feel I need to be straight with you. Flashy makeup and acne do not go together. I can only compare it to wearing red lipstick when you have yellow or crooked teeth, it would call attention to the problem area. Same applies to the acne situation)

Use a fine-bristle makeup brush to blend the makeup for acne scars/skin. Don’t use stiff bristles, these will irritate your skin more. Be gentle.

Clean everything and I means everything. From your face to your makeup applicators to your bathroom towels. Clean everything and very often (your face should be twice daily). You must use clean tools. Using dirty tools will add to your acne problem.

A drop of Visine (eyedrop) will clear away the red of the pimple, fast!

Maybelline Mineral Power’ ==> We all know the benefits of using mineral makeups. This makeup line combines those benefits with products that are’almost all oil, talc and fragrance-free. Great for acne-prone skin. And also, they’re drugstore prices ??

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