Plenty of Ideas and Theories As To The Reasons For Acne

There are plenty of ideas and theories as to the reasons for acne.

A number of these theories are unwarranted while some could have some ring of truth to them.’ Some of the most typical misunderstandings about acne still overrule any other today. Some acne advice as well as speculation into a few of these theories will help in a better appreciation of affliction.


One of the common misunderstandings that people of today are thinking is that acne is due to poor health. Most who believe this will generally wash their skin hard and often. this can really worsen the situation. While the accumulation of dust, dead skin cells and skin oils on the skin’s surface can look unpleasant, this does however not cause skin acne. Some acne advice like gradually cleaning the face and gently patting it dry can help to leave the skin clean. Remember however that washing too often and too vigorously will irritate the skin and you acne situation can end up getting much worse.

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Another theory is that acne is due to an unhealthy eating plan. Systematic studies conducted on the topic have however not found any connection between acne and diet. Therefore, diet does not cause acne either. In a number of cases, however, certain foodstuffs may affect an existing acne problem and bring about more breakouts.

Some acne advice that may be offered in such situations is to circumvent the foods worsening the skin condition. Regardless, eating a healthy balanced diet appears to be the most sensible idea. In reality, one needn’t worry that food is the reason behind acne.

Another common theory is that acne is a cosmetic illness. One of the acne advice tips that may be offered is that some cosmetics do irritate skin conditions, but in most situations, the majority of these cosmetics have been tried and tested and proved to have no serious side-effects. As peoples’ skin sensitivity differs from person to person, it might only be logical to avoid anything that appears to worsen an acne problem.

Some other critical acne advice for pregnant ladies is to avoid acne medicines while pregnant. Some strong medicines must be avoided at any price as they may result in potentially harming the developing fetus. Hormonal treatment, as an example shouldn’t be administered one month before pregnancy either. This also goes for retinoids and isotretinoin. These medicines have the ability to cause major birth defects to a fetus. Ladies taking these two types of medicine should also take two forms of contraception to make sure that they don’t become pregnant.

The above, informative tips should, therefore, help clarify common acne parables and offer some safety measures to individuals taking any form of acne medicine.

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