Kinds of Acne Treatment Lotions & Several Acne Causes Identified

Several Acne Causes Identified

Acne is a common problem for everyone, may it be to the teenagers or the adults. In the United States alone nearly 17 million people are affected by acne. Maximum cases are found in the age group of 12-25, as stated in the facts about acne. Acne has several causes identified, some of these are:

– Heredity


– Excess oils caused by increased levels of hormones common in adolescence stage

– Stress

– Using some cosmetics and skincare products

– Poor Hygiene

With causes long identified, a wide array of remedies are available. As science and technology advances, solutions on acne problems also progresses giving people millions of choices on how to handle their worries on this kind of skin condition.

Kinds Of Acne treatment lotion homemade products DIY for teens apply overnight

One of the remedies existing is the Acne Treatment Lotions which has numerous kinds and is said to be the best to get rid of acne. So let us find out more about this Acne Treatment Lotions.

According to skincare companies, these water and oil liquid forms of acne lotions include antibacterial, antibiotics, exfoliants and retinoid such as Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and, etc. to treat acne problems and improve skin condition. And these lotions are mostly preferred because they are practical to use for instance they could cover a large spot and also costs less. There are various kinds of lotions to fight acne dilemmas.

Kinds of Acne Treatment Lotions

1. Acne treatment lotions specialized for a specific type of acne (blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and cysts)

2. Acne treatment lotions that contain benzoyl peroxide that effectively kills bacteria and cleanses the skin by removing acne-causing particles such as excess oils and prevents acne problem from returning.

3. Acne treatment lotions that have additional functions for the improvement of the skin, such as making the skin smoother.

4. Commercially-available Acne treatment – lotions

5. Acne treatment lotions that can – be prepared at home

6. Natural Acne treatment lotions

There are wide varieties of acne treatment lotions readily available for any of us that have worries on acne, but the most recommended are the newly developed natural acne treatment lotions. They have no chemicals that might trigger other problems for instance the irritation of the skin. But it is still best to consult skin doctors or dermatologists for the best remedy to our worries on acne. Each lotion treatment for acne has specific functional contents that will surely alleviate any worries on acne. Acne treatment lotions are affordable, and more convenient to use as our escape to acne.

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