Albolene Makeup Remover Features and Using Methods

Albolene Makeup Remover Features and Using Methods

You need a makeup remover that removes your makeup with ease and leaves your skin soft and moisturized. Albolene makeup remover is one such product that helps you clean stubborn lipstick and mascara and leaves your skin feeling supple, soft and moisturized. Most women go to bed without taking off their makeup, as they don’t like the lengthy process of makeup removal or they hate splashing cold water on their face. But with albolene moisturizing cleanser, you just need to apply it over your face and take it off using a tissue, no need of water.


How to use it:

Pull back your hair using a hairband
Take a dollop of Albolene moisturizing cleanser on your hand, apply it over your eye, gently massage to remove all the stubborn eye makeup and use a tissue to rub it off
Apply it to the rest of your face and lips and gently massage to remove all the makeup and use a tissue to take it off.

Albolene Makeup Remover Features and Using Methods

No need to rinse your face with water
It is a clinically tested one-step makeup remover as well as moisturizer, which keeps your skin soft, smooth and younger-looking. Clinical studies by skin study center demonstrate that it is better than leading brands in this category, it removes makeup and moisturizes your skin and makes it soft, clean and supple.


It is a clinically tested makeup remover, which is recommended by dermatologists
It liquefies when it comes in contact with your skin and completely dissolves makeup that are otherwise hard to remove such as lipstick, waterproof mascara, dirt and grime
It cleans your face without water or soap
Daily use of moisturizing cleanser will promote healthy, vibrant and youthful skin
It contains petrolatum paraffin, mineral oil, beta-carotene and ceresin
Since it has high moisturizing content, it helps prevent irritated or dry skin

It is available in scented as well as unscented formula in 3.25oz, 6 oz and 12 oz bottle. It is a favorite among theatre performers and makeup artists to remove stubborn makeup each night. It has high makeup removal and moisturizing index to remove makeup as compared to other makeup cleansers.


This product is not recommended for people with oily skin.

Extra uses of Albolene Makeup Remover:

To soothe rough skin: If you have applied too much of albolene moisturizing cleanser on your face, then do not waste it. Apply the excess amount on your elbows, cuticles, heels or knees to soothe these rough patches.

Albolene Makeup Remover Features and Using Methods

For creamy eye shadow: Mix it with powder eye shadow to get creamy eye shadow

For gleaming legs: If you are wearing a short skirt and want gleaming legs like celebrities, then gently apply moisturizing cleanser over your leg and dust some highlighting powder over it

Soft lips: Apply moisturizing cleanser over your lip and let it stay for a few minutes. Use a damp, soft, small toothbrush to remove bits of dry skin. Use a neutral lip pencil to line your lips and apply another layer of moisturizing cleanser to get soft luscious lips.

Albolene makeup remover helps you remove tough waterproof makeup with ease and without rinsing your face to get a smooth, soft, moisturized skin that will make you look beautiful.

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