5 SIMPLE STEPS To Encourage Anti Aging And Natural Healing

Anti Aging And Natural Healing

There’s nothing wrong with growing older… unless, you re doing it too rapidly. If you are aging prematurely, chances are it’s because of an unhealthy lifestyle and/or bad habits.

The immune system is our body s natural defense system. Our immune system is hard at work 24 hours a day, everyday fighting off foreign invaders like bacteria, germs, viruses, and toxins which can cause everything from the common cold to serious life-threatening diseases such as cancer.


As we enter the golden years, our ability to fight off infection as well as other health-related problems diminishes significantly. Having a strong, healthy immune system, helps keep us healthy. The healthier we are, the healthier is the immune system will function and protect us from infection and disease.

That s why it’s so important to keep our health in the best possible shape ever, by incorporating healthy, anti-aging immune boosters into our everyday lifestyle.

5 Steps You Can Take Every day to Slow Down the Natural Aging Process While Strengthening Your Immune System…

5 SIMPLE STEPS To Encourage Anti Aging And Natural Healing

1. Meditation/Prayer – Practicing meditation and/or prayer daily has been found to dramatically decrease stress, anxiety, and negativity. Start off with just 10-15 minutes per day and gradually work up to 40-60 minutes. The simple practice of daily meditation has been shown to have a huge impact on our health. Meditation quiets the mind and increases inner peace while balancing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state of mind.

2. Drink Pure Water -Drinking water in its purest form is vital to your overall health to help cleanse the body, to aid in proper elimination, and for optimal cell function. When you re dehydrated, it increases the concentration of toxins in the body which can lead to a host of symptoms – everything from chronic fatigue to premature aging. Rather than buying bottled water which can contain harmful chemicals like BPA, instead invest in a good water purification system. For adequate hydration, it’s recommended to drink one half of your body weight in ounces per day.

3. Exercise for Healing – We all know it is important to keep our body s fit – but did you know, that there s a healing side to exercise? Regular moderate daily exercise not only boosts the immune system but stimulates the lymphatic system as well. The lymphatic system is often the most neglected system in the human body. The lymphatic system nourishes tissues and cells while cleansing the body of toxins and waste. Unlike blood that is pumped by the heart, lymph is dependent on physical movement and exercise to circulate around the body. Stimulation of lymph flow is critical in preventing illness and disease. The more we move, the more waste is flushed out of our system. The less we move, the more toxins and waste build-up and are stored in the body, which becomes stagnant, and can lead to multiple health problems.

4. Eat Immune-Boosting Foods – Nutritional well-balanced eating is key in helping to strengthen the body s natural defense network. In order to keep the immune system functioning at peak performance – make the choice to make good anti-aging nutrition a top priority. It s important to eat power-packed superfoods like garlic, yogurt, leafy greens, broccoli, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, spinach, berries, green tea, and fatty fish like tuna and salmon. It s vital for our overall health to include an array of colorful, antioxidant-rich foods (preferably organic) in our diet every single day.NOTE: Avoid excessive sugar intake, refined carbohydrates, processed foods, and junk food as they ‘ve all been shown to weaken the immune system.

5. Take Your Supplements – Along with eating a healthy diet, taking good quality anti-aging supplements are an excellent way to ensure your immune system is functioning at an optimal level. Opt for a high-quality multivitamin with minerals, and an anti-aging antioxidant formula containing Vitamins A, C, D, E, selenium, and zinc. Our digestive system goes hand and hand with our immune system so it is important to take a good probiotic to restore friendly bacteria. Also, try immune-boosting blends that contain herbs such as echinacea and natural ingredients like colostrum and reishi mushrooms.

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