Anti Aging Benefits Of Mineral Makeup

August 2, 2019 | Anti Aging

If you’ve seen the late-night infomercials or the shopping channel shows proclaiming the benefits of mineral makeup you are probably wondering if this is all too good to be true or if these products might be a great solution for you. It is important to remember that there are no solutions that are right for everyone and that there are many, very different mineral makeup companies out there. You will really need to try more than one before you make the decision that this is definitely not for you. However, it helps if you know the very real potential benefits that go along with using makeup.

Anti Aging Benefits Of Mineral Makeup

I’ve always been one of those people who feel as though makeup is a genuine waste of time and energy. I never managed to find a good fit for me. It felt false and made my skin itch’ that is of course if I left the sticky globs of foundation on my face for any longer than the span of a few camera flashes. Mineral makeup has changed my opinion on makeup to some degree. I’ve finally found a makeup that I feel is beneficial and something more than a way to look a little different.

But, this is not about what mineral makeup can do to benefit my skin. It is about how mineral makeup has a lot to offer your skin.

1) No clogged pores. At least not from the mineral makeup. This has a very real-world meaning though whether you are young and using this makeup for the first time or are an adult that has been struggling with acne for years. The fact that mineral makeup doesn’t clog the pores means it won’t exacerbate an acne problem.

2) Anti Inflammatory. If you have struggled with a wide range of skin problems and conditions or even if the only skin condition you are struggling with is the signs of age written on your face then you understand how important products that do not lead to inflammation are to the overall health, youth, and beauty of your skin. Mineral makeup is gentle enough that many cosmetic surgeons recommend it for use immediately after chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments.

3) Sun protection. This is the most important protection mineral makeup can offer. Most mineral makeup offers at least SPF 15 protection though some offer more than that. Be sure to check the label of the specific products you are considering for details. Much of the damage that is done to the skin over the years is the direct result of exposure to sunlight. Even a few minutes of exposure can lead to a great deal of damage to your skin. This protection is cosmetics is vital and a benefit worth mentioning in your war on age.

Mineral makeup has many wonderful anti-aging benefits. You will need to decide for yourself whether this is an adequate solution for your skincare needs.


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