Anti-Aging Care After 50 Years

Anti-aging care after 50 years, preserve youthful skin requires daily attention. Here are ten anti-aging treatments that reduce the effects of time. To put in your beauty routine.

Curb wrinkles and sagging skin


You can prevent time and gravity do their work. But you can certainly limit the damage. To fight against wrinkles and sagging skin, invest in anti-wrinkle and firming care more sturdy. Okay, they do not do miracles. But assiduous use reduces wrinkles, firming exercises in the area and revitalizes cell regeneration. Not bad.

Natural Anti Aging Care for 50s and 20s, use wrinkle cream products, facial remedies and skincare health.

Tip: To counter the effect of gravity, apply the lower goods up to the face, and the center outward. And remember that the best time to apply anti-wrinkle care, the evening before bedtime. The reason is simple: it is at night that the cellular activity is at its maximum. The body then works to repair skin damage during the day and regenerate the skin.

Remember also to provide you with seasonal changes a wrinkle cure-shock three or four weeks. The preparations formulated for this purpose in ampoules or sera helping to revive the functions of the skin thanks to their higher concentrations of active ingredients than daily use products. Does nothing work? The solution: conventional injections of botox or hyaluronic acid.

Visit beautician at least once a year

For a breath of immediate youth, nothing beats a rejuvenating facial in a salon. The beautician has indeed products and devices from the most advanced technology to strengthen the tissues and activate cellular processes. Treat yourself to this little happiness!

Contrary to what many people believe, it is not aging skin that is primarily responsible for brown spots, but rather exposure to the sun, says Mary Begovic Johnson. To prevent them, flee the sun. But to defeat the pale and shallow spots, adopt cosmetic formulas lightening or with hydroquinone. You will, however, focus assiduous application and be patient! The results are usually visible after several weeks. Your doctor may also prescribe a topical treatment more concentrated in active or retinoid cream. But for stubborn stains, opt for photo rejuvenation treatments or laser dermatologist. Really effective!

Take the dropper sun

The sun is deadly for the skin: the signs of premature aging are mainly due to UV which has been used and abused! So never go out without maximum sun protection in summer and winter. And remember that UVA rays are present 365 days a year, on cloudy and sunny, and they even through the windows of your car and your home.

Enjoy the high-tech treatments dermatologist

If care products leave you unsatisfied, ask about the non-surgical techniques for remodeling or skin rejuvenation: glycolic acid peel, laser treatments, hyaluronic acid injections or Botox, etc. Such interventions produce a spectacular shot of youth.

Tobacco is recognized as the second factor of aging, after the sun. Not surprising. It atrophies elastic fibers, reduces the supply of oxygen and nutrients into the skin and reduces the production of new collagen. Besides, drawing on the cigarette, you also pull the muscles that eventually stretch. Result: clogged pores, a yellowish complexion and early wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. All to look 10 years older. Convinced?

Coddle her hands

Constantly exposed to UV and weather, they betray the age instantly. We must, therefore, include them in your anti-aging program. Every morning, cover with a moisturizer with SPF to protect them from environmental damage. Reapply after each wash. Good idea to keep a tube of this moisturizer in the bag and another near the sink. In the evening, before bedtime, apply on top of your hands the care that you use for your face. Each week, give them a scrub followed by the application of a regenerating mask and a firming serum and pamper them by covering them with a warm cream before coating them in cellophane and drag to five minutes in the heated mittens. But if the ugly brown spots you really embarrassing too, have them disappear with a photo-rejuvenating treatment or laser.

Practicing self-massage to tone the skin

Anti aging skincare routine products, Natural Anti Aging Care for 50s and 20s, use wrinkle cream products, facial remedies and skincare health.

Done gently, massage is great to tone, revitalize, smooth skin, activate blood circulation and give radiance to the complexion. Here is the three-step approach advocated by Anastasia Achilles, a facial specialist with Olay: pats, pressure, and sweeps. So after cleansing your face, pour a saline hint on the tip of your fingers, warm it and apply it on the forehead firmly tapping circular motion. Continue in the same way on the eye, the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, and on each side around the lips and chin. Cross your hands and pat the neck and chest. Repeat the same course by this time gentle pressure. Hold each pressure three seconds. Finally, always starting from the front and with a circular motion, made of light sweeping movements, from bottom to top. Repeat serum needed.

Several reasons may explain hair loss: stress, illness, nutritional deficiency, surgery, taking certain medications, declining estrogen production, etc. But once the cause has been eliminated, the hair usually grows back. The program includes gentle shampoos and moisturizing and nourishing treatments once or twice a week. One more: the volatilizing formulas that give hair body and make them look thicker.

But if the loss is really important that the hair thins seriously or not your hair grow back, best to consult a dermatologist or a hair specialist. Treatments vary depending on the cause. According to the Canadian Dermatology Association, both drugs have so far been proven to slow or stop hair loss and even promote growth in some cases: minoxidil (Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia or Proscar). Minoxidil is a topical medication which is applied directly on the scalp. It is appropriate for both men and women. Finasteride is administered orally. It is however not recommended for women.

Other drugs also have beneficial effects, spironolactone (Aldactone) and flutamide for women and dutasteride (Euflex) for men. Talk to your doctor. You can also use the follicular hair transplant.

Another solution: the hair volatilizing. It is similar to hair extensions in hair salons. The hair is arranged on a thin thread firmly attached to the hair to give volume where they are lacking. The prosthesis can be dyed and permed to blend with the rest of the hair. When the technique is applied, the result is very natural.

According to Mary Begovic Johnson, principal investigator at Olay, if you have not reviewed your beauty routine, this is the right time to do it. Because the epidermis and needs change with age. After fifty, the skin loses to the speed of light its tone, firmness, suppleness, and radiance. Besides wrinkles increasingly present. Changes mainly induced by hormonal changes, declining production of collagen and elastin, the cellular slowdown and sunlight. That’s why you need now more concentrated formulas in moisturizing and anti-aging active ingredients (peptides, vitamin C, minerals, retinol, etc.) ideally designed for mature skin as well as softer textures.

And do you promise not to retract the daily cleaning or weekly exfoliation: both promote the penetration of active ingredients and maximize their effectiveness. Forward faultless anti-aging serum and a moisturizer and protective day or regenerating and nourishing evening. And once or twice a week, complete your routine with the application of a moisturizing mask or nourishing.

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