Anti-Aging Skin Care Secrets – Save My Collagen Please!

Wrinkle reduction is only necessary when the stuff underneath the surface of your skin starts falling apart – namely collagen. Collagen is the glue that holds your body together, and it’s responsible for skin elasticity. Gradual reduction of collagen by aging or other factors causes creases in your skin, which start as fine lines and eventually end up as wrinkles.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Secrets - Save My Collagen Please!


Bottom line: You want to hold on to your collagen! If you can do this, wrinkles cannot and will not surface. The question is, how do you do this?

There is no cure-all treatment to save your collagen, but don’t despair – there IS something you can do – indirectly, to boost and support your collagen production, saving you precious money on wrinkle reduction creams and products. It’s very simple, very overlooked and very powerful. It is’

Vitamin C!

Yep – vitamin C and collagen go hand in hand, as vitamin C is crucial to the stimulation of your natural collagen production. As a matter of fact, without vitamin C, your body’s production of collagen stops! Eating foods rich in vitamin C is great, but as it’s easily destroyed by light and the process of cooking, it is highly recommended you take a Vitamin C supplement daily. Take 500-1000mg per day (consult your doctor first if any health issues), and make sure that you buy Vitamin C with bioflavonoids – this is crucial for proper absorption.

Do this and you are way ahead of most people in your search for wrinkle reduction.

”But what about the wrinkles I already have?!’ you may ask. The bad news is that the collagen you’ve lost isn’t going to come back. The good news is that there are wrinkle reduction products out there, that not only can diminish the appearance of wrinkles, but work to support/maintain your collagen production externally as well.

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