Anti Aging Skin Care Tips & Best Anti-Aging Exercises

Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

People don’t just age gracefully by doing nothing. If you just let nature take its course, then all of us will become wrinkled and have sagging skin sooner than expected. Preserving that youthful glow entails a combination of good skincare, proper diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

How do you start? What products to use? What is your skin’s best friend? These are important questions that needed answers so read on.


Anti Aging Skin Care Tips & Best Anti-Aging Exercises

More importantly than how the part is when do you need to start your anti-aging skincare. The straight answer is: the sooner, the better. The 20s is the best time because this is the time when the state of the skin is at its finest: supple, hydrated, glowing and smooth. Simple skincare like using a mild soap to remove dirt and makeup, a moisturizer that has at least SPF of 15 (for the day) and hydrating moisturizer for the night are enough to keep it protected from environmental factors. If you have oily skin, choose a moisturizer that is water-based.

Drink up. Water is a great skin hydrator from inside and out. It helps flush toxins out so drink at least 8 glasses a day. If the weather gets hotter, drink at least 10 glasses of pure purified water.

Eat up your greens and fruits. At least three servings a day of vegetables and fruits can do wonder to the skin as well. Green, leafy vegetables and fruits such as berries, avocado, kiwi and apricots contain powerful antioxidants that help repair damage caused by free radicals.

More tips: Don’t smoke. Moderate your alcohol intake. Get adequate sleep.

Best Anti-Aging Exercises

Maintaining a regular exercise program can help delay the process of aging. It doesn’t have to be rigorous or strenuous what’s more important is its regularity. So what are the types of exercises that are anti-aging allies?
You can start with cardio exercises. These types of exercises help you lose weight, keep it off, boost your energy level and slow the aging process. Start slow especially when you’re coming from a sedentary lifestyle.

Walking 30 minutes a day is a good start then progress from there. Choose running, hiking, elliptical training, rowing, swimming, step aerobics, cross country skiing, handball, and cycling. These are good cardio exercises that will start you off on the right track. Do it three times a week. Drink lots of water and watch what you eat as well.

As you progress and your body becomes used to the activity, introduce weight training. This will help build muscles and takes care of sagging skin. Take note that when you start losing weight, your skin will loosen so you need to pump the iron to build up muscles and tighten sagging skin. Two to three times a week of moderate strength training is good for starters. Adjust the difficulty level depending on your progress.

Set your weight loss target to 10% below your ideal body weight. And maintain it at that. This is a good anti-aging strategy. You don’t only keep the fat away, but you also look good, gain more confidence and bust that sluggish feeling.

Exercise doesn’t only slow the signs of aging but also maintain overall health.

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