Best (And Worst) Drugstore Anti-Aging Skin Care

Anti-aging skin care – Let’s check out this brand skin plus pharmacy enhanced anti-aging skin, anti-aging therapy.

Okay, this is a hydrating cleanser. It’s actually not too expensive, at $12.49. Okay, whenever you see dermatologist tested just like ignore that. That is a marketing gimmick. We don’t test these things. We see patients, we treat disease, we don’t test out face washes all day. So that in and of itself is a lie, okay!


Best (And Worst) Drugstore Anti-Aging Skin Care

Anti-Aging Skin Care

Hyaluronic acid, that’s K can be moisturizing olive oil. That can also be moisturizing and great. That it’s in a wash because it shouldn’t be allowed on the skin olive oil, also has a lot of antioxidants in it and so theoretically. It could help kind of scavenged achill. That accumulates after you’re exposed to the Sun and likewise. The vitamins A, C, and E could potentially do that, but here’s the jig with antioxidants including specifically vitamin C because I get so many questions about these vitamin C serums theoretically antioxidants and skin here are a fantastic idea like they would scavenge the free radicals that accumulate and damage.

The collagen structure and framework in her face and make us eight like Haggard appearing unloved and unwanted in age and just like the Dane of the fashion industry. Okay, odd turns out a lot of antioxidants really just weren’t that stable in topical forms as far as their antioxidant activity like when you actually assay their ability to scavenge free radicals. It seems to be largely impaired by virtue of the fact that their stability is just not there.

Okay, I mean they weren’t intended to be put on the face and so I tell you guys this because you know there are thousands of cosmetic products serums medical grade skincare all the same nonsense. That you know touts antioxidants and they’re frequently not even functional in the product.

So essentially what you’re just buying it’s not a very expensive moisturizer or very expensive sunscreen. So a better use of your cash is on sun protection at least protecting the skin barrier against ultraviolet light that. Generates these free radicals and damages DNA in the skin and then damaging a DNA sets itself up for the potential to develop skin cancers. So to me, that’s the most pressing issue but aging. Aging wise as well it’s very important.


This I guess is a CBS Tran. I’m kind of impressed with it. It has hyaluronic acid it has settle alcohol and many people ask me about this is it a bad ingredient. You see the word alcohol and somebody has decided that alcohol and skincare products are something that you should fear. This is actually wrong to settle alcohol is actually an emollient.

I don’t know who’s lying to you about that, but it’s fine and it kind of help stabilize some of these other ingredients. I’m cool with that, it’s got olive oil, you know I can assay CBS did a nice job here. It’s got retinol palmitate which is a vitamin a derivative. That potentially could be helpful as well. This is not bad. I liked you guys it is fragrance-free, I’m sure this is not available in Europe. However, I apologize to the European reviewers yeah. I like this product it’s only $12.49. Good job skin pharmacy okay, Advanced anti-aging therapy!

Now here’s where we start clocking in with these highs it’s 20 dollars and 99 cents on a one-ounce tube of cream. It is this gonna cook dinner for me and do my laundry bed zinc in it though. So zinc is an ingredient that can be planetory, so that’s good. That can kind of help cut down on potentially little wrinkles things and this is hydrating. I think this is just a very expensive moisturizer at the end of the day some fancy ingredients in this. That could be problematic.

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They’re getting inspired by the Korean and aging skincare trans here and that they’ve got a variety of yeast extracts and you have this radish root flow mate and filtrate. This is these are really popular ingredients. These days and a lot of like cosmetic skincare products because theoretically these rice and these filtrates have high antioxidant levels in them.

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