Antiaging Bath Supplement Can Work Wonders

Long rumored to be the secret behind Cleopatra’s legendary beauty, milk as an anti-aging bath supplement can work wonders. It’s certainly no secret that milk contains certain acids which can soften skin and maintain the suppleness that skin loses as it matures.

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Using an anti-aging bath supplement in your weekly routine is easy to do and can greatly enhance your own overall skin beauty. You can easily make your own version of a luxurious milk bath by adding a cupful of powdered milk into your hot bathwater. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil and you’re in for a relaxing and fragrant treat.

Another famous beauty, Marie Antoinette, took herbal baths to keep her skin smooth and silky. Different herbal combinations will provide different effects, so shop around for your desired result. For example, peppermint is an invigorating scent, so using it as an anti-aging bath supplement may be more appropriate when you plan on being out and about and not headed for bedtime.

A great herbal anti-aging bath supplement would be steep a handful of dried chamomile flowers or a couple of chamomile tea bags in boiling water and adding that to a powdered milk bath. Strew a few dried chamomile flowers and let them float about while you soak in the relaxing mist created by your own mini herbal spa.

As your skin ages, it becomes more difficult to shed dead skin cells. You can help the process by applying gentle body scrubs prior to bathing or showering. Removing or exfoliating this layer of dead skin cells will result in fresher looking skin. Scrubs made from finely ground oatmeal, almond meal or coarse sugar are excellent anti aging bath supplements.

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Keeping your skin well-hydrated is key to maintaining youthful-looking skin. If your skin feels dry and itchy, you can obtain some relief by adding a few drops of an emollient oil such as mineral or baby oil to your bathwater. Use warm but not hot water, as higher temperatures may actually aggravate your dry skin condition. Another great antiaging bath supplement is emu oil. You can apply it directly to your skin after showering or bathing.

Softer, younger-looking skin doesn’t happen overnight. Start caring for your skin by using a few of the tips outlined here. Adding these few simple ingredients to your normal skincare regimen is a great way to enjoy the benefits of anti-aging bath supplements.

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