Aromatherapy Skin Care Products

The use of scents for a variety of health-related problems is not new as it dates back for several centuries. And in recent years, the development of aromatherapy skin care products is rapidly gaining ground and has become one of the reliable forms for natural skin care. Research has shown that the human olfactory system is able to identify and isolate more than 10,000 different types of scents, both good and bad. Everyone has different reactions to different scents. The study has also shown that aromatherapy skin care products can help remove wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

aromatherapy skin care


It doesn’t mean that you can sniff your wrinkles away, and it is not the aroma that helps remove wrinkles. But rather it is the essential oils used in many aromatherapy skin care products. Essential oils are ‘oils of the plants’ and they are extracted from plant materials like flowers, leaves, wood, bark, roots, and seeds. These plant materials are known to have the magic of smoothing out our skin.

If you’re keen to try aromatherapy skin care products, make sure that the product you choose doesn’t contain any chemicals, pesticides, synthetic detergents, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, petroleum by-products, tar derivatives or genetically modified ingredients and the product are not tested on animals. Always check and read the labels!

Remember that the key to good aromatherapy skin care product is not the smell but the active ingredients. Retinol is one of the best ingredients for skin care; it is a derivative of Vitamin A. Aloe Vera, grape seed oil and Vitamin E are the great natural moisturizers for the skin and they can be absorbed easily by the skin as well. So, make sure the product you choose contains these ingredients.

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Years of exposure to the sun, harsh and dry conditions can take its toll on our skin and even those who used moisturizers and cleansers may find that their body can’t produce enough retinol and collagen to help it maintain a youthful appearance. Using aromatherapy skin care products with natural active ingredients can help slow the process of aging and rejuvenate the skin.

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