How To Apply Bare Minerals Foundation Full Coverage Like A Pro

Today I am finally doing my bareMinerals tutorial. I’ve been talking about doing these articles for about a year now um and I honestly just kind of like forgot about doing it because I haven’t been wearing foundation, really! But this was really highly requested from you guys. I thought that I would finally frickin do it for those of you guys that don’t know. I number one love doing how-to tutorials and going super in-depth with something very specific and I like to go really in depth and educational with that almost like overloading you with too much information. That’s number one and number two. I actually used to be a manager at a bareMinerals boutique. I worked there for about two years and it was my first job in makeup and it really started and launched my love for makeup.

Bare Minerals Foundation


So I’m going to go over a lot of my tips and tricks techniques for applying this and kind of help you overcome any obstacles that you are having with this foundation. So I hope you guys enjoy!

First things first you want to make sure your skin is primed if you use a primer. I personally love using a primer I just think it gives a really nice base to my skin and then if you’re gonna be using cream products for concealing make sure you use those first usually. We do foundation first and then we conceal. But this way you want to do it back because you’re gonna be going in with a powder foundation. So I already put some concealer underneath my eyes and then I had a couple breakouts like a couple over here and a couple down here. That I went in with concealer. It is not totally necessary for those things to be completely covered because you can go in with very full coverage with this foundation. That’s why I lightly went over those areas. I’m not breaking out a ton but it is a little bit redder in those areas and you can still kind of see them peeking through.

I did though I wanted to make sure I got full coverage underneath my eyes just because I usually don’t put foundation there in the first place. Bare minerals do have concealers powder concealers that you can use. I’m just personally I never was a fan. So but it’s been a long time since I have worked there, it’s possible that I like them now. I just don’t use them himself usually my color is the fairly light color. I love the matte formula I am going to be using a different one today though because I have a spray tan on and medium beige for me.

bare minerals powder foundation

When I’m tan is like it’s perfect those are like my two perfect shades when I am fair it’s fairly light when I am tan medium beige. I have a different packaging though for my medium beige packaging. It’s actually a pretty old container and it’s one of those jumbo sized ones. That they would come out with during the holiday Christmassy season. So here’s my medium beige one and it’s in the original formula the difference between the matte and the original formula is that the matter is going to end up drying more of a matte finish without that luminosity to the skin where the original is just gonna give you a little glow and you kind of move your face. You’re gonna see a little bit of a glow to it the matter is still my favorite because I am more oily. But it’s like 5:30 at night I’m gonna be washing this off soon plus I’m tan. So the medium beige original is what I’m gonna be going for today. I think the most unique thing about this foundation is that it is a foundation, first of all, it’s got more natural ingredients but it is a powder that dries to a cream.

So if you have dry skin do not be afraid of this foundation especially the original it’s gonna give a very beautiful glow to your skin. But it’s gonna go on in a powder form and after about thirty minutes to an hour. It’s gonna be it’s just gonna look so good. It’s gonna look really creamy just like your skin it just looks healthy on your skin when I worked. There I wasn’t like a huge believer in it just because I wanted to only wear like full thick like cakey liquid foundation like to me that is what I thought looked good instead of like your skin looking like skin even though you can get full coverage out of it. It’s still nice that when your skin looks like skin and not like a bottle of liquid cakey foundation. My opinion now is that I prefer the more natural look but I can appreciate a thick layer of liquid foundation as well.

bare minerals foundation makeup

So I like them both, I think the most important thing when you’re using the foundation is that when you’re done with
if you completely close the cap. This is what the inside of mine it looks like this is the one that I’m usually using because this is the fairly light one in the math formula that I use all the time this piece here opens up and even when I open it up I don’t open it up all the way because you only want to use a dime sized amount every time you use the product and then as soon as I’m done I just close that sucker back up and I put the cap back on.

That I don’t have any issues. I’ll open it like that much and then I think one of the mistakes people will do is they’ll take this when they open it and they’ll tap the side or they’ll shake it to get product out and then your container looks like this-this is where people will spill their foundation everywhere it gets messy. That’s like one of the number one complaints. I hear is that bare minerals is just so messy or just mineral foundation, in general, is messy since this one’s old packaging.

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They don’t have the sifter, however, all of them come with this. Now, where you can open it and close it and it makes it. That you don’t have any extra powder. So just make sure you close it and it will not be messy at all whatsoever. So I am gonna be demonstrating with this but using my actual shade like I said you only want to use a dime sized amount at a time. So, for instance, say yours is messy like this you don’t want to go in with your brush and just dunk it in and start slathering it all over. If you are applying your bare minerals or any loose powder foundation and there’s power in the air as you’re applying it do less do you do too much do less . When I first did it I was like why I want more coverage you want to work in small amounts and work up and build up to that full coverage. Because if you go in full right away it’s it’s gonna be full coverage and you’re gonna waste a ton of product because it’s gonna be everywhere in the air. It’s gonna be on your bathroom counter it’s gonna be everywhere. So what you want to do is open up. So that you see those like three little dots and you want to take your cap and just go doo-doo-doo-doo that’s actually a little bit too much product.

For more tutorial see at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHSdVYyp7XQ

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