10 Beauty Care Tips for Glowing Skin

Oh, the pain of having skin that doesn’t behave itself. Some reaction to a skincare product, dark circles from staying up late, the pimple that pops up out of nowhere and fine lines and tanning from the sun. Though all this could also be caused by genetics, we too have some power in reversing the effect of dull and damaged skin. Or how else do those fabulous stars of Bollywood flaunt amazing glowing skin? They aren’t some special breed :p nor have some magic up their sleeve. They are human too, it’s just they keep their maintenance up based on these expert beauty care tips.

10 Beauty Care Tips for Glowing Skin

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1. Keep Up A Healthy Diet

Because it isn’t a secret that what you eat really does show on your outward appearance. The tough part is it’s hard to keep it up especially in our busy lifestyle. Either we are unable to reach our daily recommended serving of 5 times a day of fruit and vegetable. Or we are quite happy eating vegetarian though the way it’s prepared with oils and sauces negates its value. Thus, a simple and easy habit to get all that goodness in you are to whiz up 1-2 shakes, juices, and/or smoothie a day. Be it a mango or banana shake, orange juice or spinach based smoothie, you keep up to date with your nutrients intake for happy and glowing skin.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Again water we know plays a huge factor on glowing skin. Without it, as fast as within a day you’ll notice fine lines, dark patches, dryness and itchiness appearing. So drinking water regularly that of at least 8 glasses a day is much needed. For those who lag behind, you’ll need to experiment to find out how you can drink more of it a day. Some ideas you can try are keeping a water bottle next to you all the time. If you don’t like the taste? Add lemon or mint to enhance the flavor. Or for the tech-savvy, download an app to remind you for your water top up.

3. SPF

Even if it’s winter, cloudy and raining the harsh sun-rays are still out there to tan and damage your skin. Therefore, when planning to go outside it is very important to apply SPF to your exposed skin. Meaning every part of it, as areas like that of your face, hands, arms, feet, and legs all can show signs of dullness and premature aging when not protected properly. SPF 15 is the very minimum available in the market though it doesn’t last as long as a higher SPF would. Thus, reapplying throughout the day (no matter what SPF factor you have) will also be a good practice to maintain.

4. Exercise

It may seem daunting but it’s hard not to mention it here. As you move your body you increase blood circulation that instantly brings about a pinky glow you’ve been needing. Furthermore, when you move more to the extent you begin to sweat you then are cleaning your system of toxins that would otherwise build up to the point that your skin becomes problematic. Are you just starting out? Going up and down a few flights of stairs or walking for 15 minutes daily can be all it takes to get you on the way to a better you. Bonus: Admittedly facial steam does emulate sweating. Thus, once a week procedure will gain the benefit of detoxing facial skin too.

5. Sleep

Have trouble sleeping? Or don’t think sleep is such a big deal? You probably already see the effects it has on your skin. Hence a correlation can be made between feeling tired and your skin showing it too. So you already know it’s a must. But how to rectify the bad habit? First know, 8 hours is an ideal you should strive for and no less. As this allows plenty of time for your body to completely restore itself. And while on the note of restoring, this is also the perfect time for your skin to soak up all the goodies from your serums, moisturizers, night creams and/or sleep masks, so do keep your skin care up during the night as well.


6. Exfoliate

If it’s not already in your regime, exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells, dust, and pollution to reveal fresh looking skin. Go all natural with a homemade version, mixing oats, honey, and milk. The oats act as the exfoliate, milk brightens the skin and honey help the mixture stick together but also, more importantly, adding a lovely glow. Or store-bought can likewise be fine as long as it’s free of soaps, parabens, and alcohol as such ingredients with long term use harms your skin.

7. Face Mask/Pack

Included in your once a week treatment should additionally include a specialized glowing mask. Continue with the honey and milk (yes it’s just too good), add turmeric, sandalwood powder or chickpea flour. Mix into a thick paste, if not thick enough add more powder or flour. And if too thick add a little more liquid. Apply and leave on for about 20 minutes. And wash off with water. Homemade is always ideal since you know exactly what’s in your mask/pack, it’s all natural and the ingredients are easily found in your kitchen.

8. Serum

At this stage your CTM (cleanse, tone and moisturize) routine should be put into action, it’s the basics of taking care of our skin but in this day and age serums have also become a part of a skin care routine norm. Similar to that of a moisturizer though it is capable of going into the deeper layers of the skin. Replenishing that much-needed moisture and those formulated with antioxidant provide a glow. Afterward, seal it with your moisturizer or cream for the serum to lock into place.

9. Facial Message

While applying your moisturizers, creams or facial oil give your face a facial massage at the same time. This aids in promoting blood circulation and really making sure the product is applied properly for maximum benefit. While going about your message pay attention to the direction. Always move in small circular and upward movements, always! By dragging down on your skin it only calls for premature sagging.

10. Stress

Stress in our lives is, unfortunately, unavoidable, as our modern lifestyle is quite demanding. When faced with stress our entire body goes haywire, including the skin. And here, it’s all too easy to pretend it’s not getting to you. But as said, stress is unavoidable, you can’t just pack up and leave your work, studies and family commitments? Thus, this then requires us to know how to overcome it. Breathing techniques, communicating with trusted friends and family and meditation all can be helpful.

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