Top 8 Fruits And Their Benefits For Glowing Skin

Well, who doesn’t want a flawless glowing perfect skin? Every single one of us is dying to know one magic which can make us youthful for as long as possible. I won’t go as far as potions and spells to make us look radiant but I will say that there are ways to look beautiful, of course not forever but they can delay the inevitable aging of your skin and glow like the rising sun.

Naturally, I will suggest you fruits because there is one thing they won’t do which every single one of beauty product out there is bound to do eventually. They won’t harm you or your skin or your health. Fruits are nutritious, tasty and super fun. To be honest, I just love fruits, God knows what I will do for a bite of the apple or a chunk of strawberry. There are a lot of fruits benefits for the skin.


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You guys are here to know out of whole fruity fruit world what are the best fruits for you to get healthy young skin and I am going to help you with that. Here is a short list of top 10 fruits and their benefits for skin and health. These will help you get the best skin for your date.

1. Apple

An apple a day can a keep doctor at bay. It kinda kills my business. But what do you know apple is the healthiest fruit as they come. It has got fibers, antioxidants, vitamins and a lot more.

Especially malic acid an important ingredient often used to pitch skin care products, is found in apple. With all this apple gives a perfectly natural glowing skin which you are aching to have. Apple has great beauty benefits. You must eat apples to get flawless skin.

2. Banana

Bananas you will go bananas for them. These guys are extensively starch-rich, have high fiber content and a good load of ‘potassium and vitamin E., In short, it has the perfect remedy to rejuvenate your skin. Potassium is known for its good hydration properties while vitamin E cleanses the skin.

Meanwhile, that high fiber content is keeping your digestion healthy. Your skin will glow like radiant sun once you start eating these bananas on a daily basis. Great fruit for flawless skin.

But be advised you may also not need anything else once you eat a banana because they have a striking ability to kill the hunger. I am just kidding, due to their high starch content, they fulfill your hunger better than other fruits so it’s a plus point.

It’s a great tip for those who want to lose weight. Eat a banana or two in breakfast and you will not feel the urge to eat anything else.

3. Avocado

Avocados are native to South America and are relatively rich in vitamin Bs, vitamin E, vitamin K, and potassium, all of which are helpful in anti-aging, getting rid of wrinkles and giving a radiant skin.

It also lowers blood cholesterol levels making it a step above other than all it buddies. It also helps improve vision by delaying macular degeneration as it contains a rich amount of lutein and zeaxanthin. All in all, avocados are wonderful fruit to be served daily on a fruit platter.

4. Citrus family

Two fruits among citrus family are always associated with skin care. While both of them are good at their own place, they each have a certain benefit over others in different areas. Both of our fruits are rich in antioxidants and vitamin c, which makes them useful for skin care. Both are extremely good exfoliation agents and lightens and whitens our skin naturally. In fact, oranges have so many skin benefits that we have dedicated a special article for the health and skin benefits of oranges.

They also help get rid of acne by drying them and clearing clogged pores. Orange is on a little higher side in the vitamin store while lemons are packed with relatively higher protein and fiber content. I would advise having both of them in your diet chart, if not regularly then at least interchangeably.

Start your day with a glass of warm lemon water. It not only cleanses your body from inside out but also gives beautiful skin.

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5. Papaya

Papaya a fresh tropical fruit is a feast for eyes. It’s lovely fruit and contains so many vitamins, antioxidants and especially it’s papain enzyme that it’s no surprise that every skin care product has some of the papaya extracts and then there is its seed, they are beneficial on their own.

Removing dark spots, acne marks and what not papaya is your perfect home remedy. Eat it, use it as a face pack, it will help you. No matter how bad is acne it will get rid of it for you. So my advice ‘ stick with papaya for great skincare.

6. Strawberry

I do love a strawberry. Its beautiful red color, its sweet aroma and oh! it’s delicious taste. There is no denying that every one of us never leaves a chance of eating strawberries. So, does it have something extra or it’s usual vitamins and antioxidants?

Firstly, don’t underestimate the usual, for they are very essential for a skin you long for plus it also has something called salicylic acid not so different from malic acid we discussed above. As malic acid, it is a regular in skin products and makes your skin glow like never before. Never again you will worry about your acne, dark spots or oily skin. I am just giving you one more excuse to have strawberry, so have at it.

I will never really understand these little sweet looking seeds, But I can’t just leave out pomegranate because they are awesome. The highly rich folate content of pomegranate seed does a pretty good job of getting rid of anemia. ‘So, pomegranate is not only great for skin but also for health.

Sorry I got excited, we are here to talk about its skin benefits well like our other fruits it is highly rich in vitamin c, vitamin Bs, fibers and it is basically packed with antioxidants, which leads us to a beautiful supple fresh looking skin. A skin your date will cherish and you will love how he never stops talking about it.

7. Tomato

Tomato is not much fruit but a vegetable. But it does have some specialty when it comes to skincare, that’s why I made an exception of keeping it here amongst fruits. What is different? It’s basically water enriched with vitamins, especially our favorite vitamin C.

Tomato is 95% water and it is as high as they go. I may have not told you up till now because this article was about fruits and skin care but water is actually very important for skin care. Tomato provides this water with a little remedy of its own, giving a fresh young-looking skin. Thus, never say no to tomato.

8. Pineapple

Pineapple actually is not one fruit but multiple fruits coalesced together. I know ‘ fun fact, right! It’s an excellent source of Manganese, vitamin c and a substantial amount of every vitamin there is. It has also got a huge’amount of antioxidant which helps it keeping a fresh radiant skin free of any dark spot. There is a controversial fact about it though that it contains bromelain, yes it does contain it but if it is beneficial or not it is yet to be proved. But anyway, I don’t think it’s harmful so for a beautiful lovely skin have a chunk of pineapple.

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Vitamin E, vitamin C, and all other antioxidants are so much hyped in skin care because they basically prevent skin aging by taking a countermeasure against free radicals our body generates on a daily basis. They also cleanse the skin by detoxifying the waste products of our daily routine.

So, it is essential for us to eat as many fruits as possible, especially after all that junk food we eat because they are unequivocally rich in free radicals and toxins and thereby damages not only our body but also our skin. So, better have a load of fruit on our side when we are having this much junk.

I hope this article on fruits benefits for skin helped you.

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