Review: Best BB Cream For Acne Prone Skin

Best BB Cream For Acne Prone Skin – Today’s,  I’m going to be doing a review on this nature public’s nail BB cream with SPF 30 and a PA off double plus have it in a shade number two which is natural beige and I think this is the best BB cream for acne prone skin. Because this one contains snail secretion filtrate which is very good for skin repair and I never break out with this. It has a good amount of coverage for daily use. So without further ado, I’m going to be showing you a demo of how I apply it on my face and then shortly afterward.
best bb cream for acne prone skin

I’m going to be talking about the product alright. So for most of my foundation reviews, I don’t really use a primer.  But starting from now I’m going to be using buying waters to buy my face before applying any foundation or BB cream on my face.  And for today’s primer, I’m going to be using the Freedom Pro studio priming water.  So to apply the BB cream I’m going to be using just my fingertips on one side of my face. And I’m going to be using the sponge that it came with on the other side of my face.

Best BB Cream For Acne Prone Skin


So as you can see the BB cream is not runny at all it’s quite a nice creamy consistency so we’re going to be working with that type of product.  So I’m going to be starting on the left side of my face using just my fingertips if there’s one thing that I can say about this communication is that it’s very easy to blend and I just really like the feeling that it gives me once it’s on my face. Because it feels very smoothing it doesn’t have any sand whats over.

So don’t be scared of this snail secretion filtered ingredient because it doesn’t smell of anything. I  also like to apply a little bit on to my neck area just to even out the shade because shade number two is actually a bit too dark for me. I mean it doesn’t look like it because of the ring light but it is in person. So that’s one layer on one side of my face just a quick comparison. So on this side I’m just going to be using the version actually came with butter not brush but sponge and in case you’re wondering this part right here is actually twistable and you can just squeeze it out and that’s how I like to use it.

I don’t like to squeeze it out straight to the sponge because I don’t know that’s just how I do it.  Oh, I’m just going to blend it you think the sponge most of the time when I use this particular product. I used to sponge that it comes with it’s hassle-free it does the job. I don’t feel like I need to like get my Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge whatsoever. I find that this is the quickest way to do it and since I use this for word and other ways I’m almost always in a hurry. Whenever I use this particular product.

So just like when I use my fingertips blending where it’s on really easily and really smoothly. I really like how it feels onto my face it’s very light and easy to blend and that is one layer all over my face so as you can see it did not give me a full coverage it’s like a low medium coverage with just one layer. But I’m going to be trying to build it up in just a few seconds to build it up. I’m just going to use the sponge that it came with because it’s easier for me to do that it also has a bit of a blurring effect on to the forest. I don’t know why does it claim to be but when you look closely there is a difference to the pore size.

I’m just going to blend it out again as I said with the use of the sponge they came with so it doesn’t build to full coverage but you can actually get it to a good medium which is good for every day. This is the reason why I like using this for work because it looks natural and it looks nice and to be honest. Since I started using this a lot of people have started commenting on how nice my skin looks. So it’s definitely doing a good job of making me look my look at making my skin look a lot better than. It actually is right so, this is two layers on my face it looks a lot lighter on camera because of the lighting. But trust me, it doesn’t look that night in person actually it looks darker than my actual skin tone in person. But yeah, I don’t know how I’m going to be able to translate that onto the camera. But yes lots of truth!

So I’m just going to be doing the rest of my face. It is now 1754 or 554 p.m. and I’m going to be checking in with you after a few hours.

best bb cream for acne prone skin

I already did my full face makeup on I did set my face with powder. I used the needles I a bother to set my face and yeah that’s it I actually already went out. So it’s only two hours after I initially applied the BB cream on. It’s now 9.34. I don’t know if you can see that Oh 19.34 or 7.34 p.m. So you got roughly 2 hours after I initially applied the BB cream on my face. So it’s kind of like a check-in. But I’m actually here to talk more about the product.

So I’m just going to check as to how I look like. So right, now I’m still looking pretty good on camera I look shiny on these areas. But in person I’m not, I don’t know why probably because of how the light hits my face but in person. I am NOT shiny at all. So, yeah that’s it.  So now let’s talk about the BB cream.


So first let’s talk about the packaging. The packaging is pretty simple. I think this type of question came popular way back in 2012 or 2013. I think Edmunds House was the first one who came out with this kind of packaging. But basically, it’s a BB cream you can twist it up. You can see a nozzle right there. You can squeeze out the product easily and then at the bottom. It has a sponge and doesn’t worry about the screen, I already washed it’s just that it’s stained. Because it used to be white.

So yeah I pretty much just use my fingertips or the built-in brush or not really a brush. But a sponge to apply this on my face and on a regular basis. I don’t really put two layers on. I just use like what because I don’t really mind my imperfections showing on our daily basis and like I’ve mentioned earlier ever since I started using this BB cream. I keep on getting compliments from different workmate saying that my skin looks good they’re asking me what my secret does I change my skincare routine. Whatever I did not and the only thing that I changed is the base that I’m using and it’s this one. I also went to this earlier when your flat is on your face. It looks really smooth and it learns the pores a little bit.

I don’t know why does it really say that here. But it does and I really like it it has a semi-matte finish and the coverage is visible to a medium. You get a lighter medium on the first layer and then a good medium on the second. So you will have to conceal if you have like dark spots and dark under eyes. You will have to conceal but I really don’t mind that because the performance itself is super good. It’s also very easy to blend like I said I use my fingertips or the sponge and it works well as both it contains 40 mils which are a pretty good amount.

It’s more than the usual 30 meals that we can get from usually cream and this particular product is infused with snail secretion filtrate and I know that sounds a bit gross.  But it’s really good for the blemished skin because some snail secretion filtrate is known to help repair skin and so this is good for people with a lot of acne. I find it I don’t break out with this one, in fact, it actually helps heal my skin if anything. So I really like using this for every day this is the one they use for work plus.

It has SPF 30 and a PA off double plus. It gives me sun protection which is an added bonus. So overall I really like this vision. This is my favorite BB cream of all times. I’ve never found a BB cream that’s better than this one. It’s just that. I really have to get a new one, because I’m almost running out of this one and this is not a good color match from now for auto control. So far it’s doing pretty good um it hasn’t been that long anyway.  So it’s just been two hours but from experience. I feel that it starts running at around 6 hours. So I will try and stay up late today. See if I can get the six hours and show you guys how it looks like.

So we’ll see if I can stay up for a bit more. But yes this is how it looks like. I will be trying to take a photo with flash and show it to you guys and you just be the judge because it looks good or not I’ll be back later for another check-in right.

So it is now 10 p.m. and that’s 4 hours after I initially applied the BB cream on my face and unfortunately, I can’t do another check-in after this one. I didn’t say I’m going to try to go for 6 hours because that’s when I usually notice that my face is oiling up. When I use this on a daily basis, however, I remember that I have work tomorrow. So yeah I have to sleep because I’m on early in the morning. So let us see how it looks like. I am starting to get a little bit shiny on this area and I think on camera it’s looking a little bit shiny, right?
best bb cream for acne prone skin
That it actually is in person in person it still looks pretty good. I would say that I probably wouldn’t even do anything on my face at the moment. Just because it still looks pretty good and I am actually pretty surprised because as I mentioned earlier I always just do one layer with BB cream. But there’s actually gives me like a really good amount of coverage against a medium right? That is looking more like a medium to high coverage.

So just for the sake of it, I’m going to be a blot in my face. You guys this side it’s like flawless. I can still see my contour and my blush just amazing. I can even see my nose contour see. I told you there wasn’t much on this side like normally when I start to overlap. It would be like a stretch in oil. I just really see no point in blotting this area because there is no oil whatsoever. I can’t see anything, I can’t see a little bit of creating underneath my eyes. I think that’s because I did use a concealer earlier which I don’t normally use usually.

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When I use this do, I have to bake because I have like fine lines underneath my eyes. But today I did use a concealer and I didn’t bake. I just said it with regular loose powder. So it didn’t do much. So basically that’s how it looks like after blotting like my whole t-zone area. I did skip on the cheek area right here because there’s no oil see anything and I find that whenever I break up from like other foundations. That’s it, all about review Best BB Cream For Acne Prone Skin. I hope these articles useful to you. (See video: Youtube)