The Best Drugstore Acne Cleansers Products

There are many types of acne cleansers on the market. Acne cleansers are used to keep the skin clean and clear. These cleansers will help the acne dry up as well as prevent acne breakouts.

What is Acne?

Acne is a disorder of the skin which produces rash-like symptoms. During an acne breakout, you will notice one or more raised lumps. They can be black, red, or white. They can be separated or, in worse cases, interconnected. Acne can appear almost anywhere on the body, however, the most common places are the face, neck, shoulders, and back.



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Acne is caused when the body produces a large amount of sebum. This is noil which is produced through the skin. The body also sheds skin cells. When these skin cells rapidly shed and/or produces too much sebum, and this combination become clogged in the hair follicles of the skin, acne is produced. Most types of acne are not medically harmful, however, acne can be psychologically damaging. It can cause acne sufferer to have severe anxiety, especially in social situations. It could make them withdrawn and depressed.

Who is Affected by Acne?

Just about anyone can be affected by acne. Many people believe that acne is only noticed in teenagers. Although teenagers are more commonly affected, adults can also develop acne. Adults are as old as fifty have been known to develop this skin disorder.

What Causes Acne?

Although doctors cannot pinpoint the cause of each once outbreak, they do know the factors that can possibly bring an outbreak on. The main factor in causing acne is hormones changing. When a person hormone levels go up and down it can cause an imbalance. This is usually the reason why teenagers are more often affected by acne than adults. Teenagers hormones are at an imbalance for most of their teen years. This can make acne a problem. Women who are menstruating also have problems with acne. During a woman’s period, her hormone change. This change can cause acne break out.

Certain medications can also cause an acne outbreak. Certain medications to treat seizure disorders can cause acne breakouts. Also, certain psychiatric medications and some medications including iodine.

When a person already has had an acne outbreak, harsh scrubbing will not make the acne better. Instead, it could cause acne to be much worse as well as spread.

What Does Not Cause Acne?

There are many myths out there when it comes to acne. Many teenagers and even some adults believe the myths about acne. Many people believe that food can contribute to acne. People believe that foods that are high in grease can contribute to acne. Foods such as pizza or french fries are usually to blame for acne breakouts. Also chocolate and dark soft drinks. These are myths. The foods which one consumes does not have anything to do with acne.

Using Acne Cleansers to Help with Acne

Many people who have a mild acne problem or would just like to prevent an acne break out, find that using an acne cleanser will help out with their acne. There are many different acne cleansers on the market.

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PHisoderm 4-Way Daily Acne Cleanser

One very highly recommends acne cleanser is PHisoderm 4-Way Daily Acne Cleanser. This is a four in one acne cleanser, toner, and acne fighter. If used twice a day, every day, this acne cleanser will clear up acne-prone skin in a matter of weeks. This cleanser will also reduce the number of acne breakouts and prevent clogged pores. There are also two types of cleansers available from PHisoderm. The first type is the gentle formula. This is good for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The second type is alcohol-free. This type is good for preventing irritation or dryness. Overall, this acne cleanser has been rated number one on the market.

DDF Blemish Foaming Cleanser

Another excellent acne cleanser is DDF Blemish Foaming Cleanser. This daily cleanser is used on acne-prone skin. It foams straight out of the bottle and goes on smoothly. It rises away clean so that no residue or pore-clogging emollients are left behind to irritate already blemished skin any further. If this acne cleanser is used as directed there should be a noticeable difference in the overall skin texture and clarity. This acne cleanser has received rave reviews.


A third, very popular acne cleanser is DermaClear. This is an all in one treatment. It will clean, clear, and rejuvenate your skin in less than a week if used faithfully and as directed. This product is an all in one and it actually is all you will need. When used daily, DermaClear promotes clearer skin. This product, however, is not intended for spot flare-up treatment.

Oxy 10 Maximum Strength Acne Wash

Another highly recommended acne cleanser is Oxy 10 Maximum Strength Acne Wash. This powerful acne wash is attacked pimples immediately and works to promote future breakouts. This acne cleanser uses powerful, anti-acne medications to get skin clear and keep it that way. An oil-free formula penetrates deep into the pores and eliminates acne-causing bacteria. This acne cleanser will not dry out your skin or leave a residue. This acne cleanser is great on tough acne.

Another excellent acne cleanser is Clearasil Stay Clear Acne Defense Cleanser. This is a great, daily cleanser which helps to keep skin clean and acne-free. Used twice a day, this cleanser is great for people with uncomplicated acne of the face. The active ingredient is salicylic acid.

This is a proven bacteria fighter. This will prevent acne from forming and keep the skin clear. This acne treatment should be used twice a day whether you are having an acne breakout or not. If you are having a breakout, you will get best results if you follow up with a spot treatment.


There are many different acne cleansers on the market. They should be used daily to clear up an acne breakout or prevent one from starting.

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