The Best Drugstore Makeup Series 2019

If you and Emily Fox today sir is gonna be my foundation wrap up. So basically I did 10 days of wear test of best-selling drugstore foundations and I do like extreme close-up wore them for ten hours. You could see the texture of my skin and everything natural lighting but no filters. And today I’m doing the wrap-up letting you know which ones were the best one. Which one were the worst ones and then a few that were kind of me because they were neither amazing or terrible?

So I will link the playlist down below if you haven’t seen it today. I will also be including the prices and mentioning also the shade range because it does matter. So let’s start with some terrible formations obviously the reasons the foundation didn’t work for me might be the reason it would work for you because I do have combination skin. So my cheeks are normal my t-zone definitely gets oily mostly. My forehead and then I do get some dehydration mostly on my nose and then sometimes in between my brows and chin.


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So I feel like it gives me an idea if it’s gonna work for dry skin or oily skin generally speaking but sometimes it might be too drying for me but they would work amazingly. If you live somewhere really hot and humid and you have super oily skin you know what I mean so the first foundation I want to talk about because it’s definitely the worst one I don’t get it guys. I just don’t Milani conceal imperfect two-in-one foundation.

Let’s talk about it! Let’s start with the basics $9.99 on the Ulta website and we have 23 shades available although some of them are online only. So it’s not the worst not the best shade range here. I appreciate that becomes gonna pop which I do get a little bitter with some of the other allocators. You’re gonna notice but I have these shades zero, zero light natural which I did swatch it does oxidize to become a little too peachy for my taste.

It’s definitely summer shade for me but I bought it when they first released them and then they came out with like. I believe two more shades that are lighter, so I might be able to find a shade in there. It definitely doesn’t go very fair though. It does have a fight like paint scent that’s how I describe it. I just wanted to mention it because I know some people are very sensitive to scent.

Now, the real issues the reason it’s definitely the worst out of all of them is first off. When I first apply it, it looks amazing honestly full coverage and I just feel like it looks nice but it doesn’t set some font. You know how they will like dry to a match or like powdery finish not this it needs to be set and I need needs to be set otherwise you will start emphasizing every issues. You have on your face like I feel like full coverage foundations are always pushed.

If you have acne and it’s hard because you will have more texture you will probably be more oily and then you might have dry patches. Where you try to kill your pimples which happened to me a few times. What I was doing those wear tests and this will emphasize everything because it separates. So badly it is the only foundation. I was not able to wear for ten hours because I just wanted to wash it off. It looked terrible like literally dad bad and because I wasn’t reapplying powder throughout the day.

Just as you know standard test it was just starting to move around accumulate and make a lot of faces and I felt like it was starting to accumulated. Any expression lines and it was just terrible looking it wasn’t the sizing my texture getting between my brows I’d become like I am dehydrated but do you become oily. There so we’re just like a weird mix of being oily and dry at the same time and honestly by far the worst long-term foundation look. If I wear it throughout the day it’s too much but if I work for a video it looks really nice. So I get frustrated with it because every time I try it again. I’m like it looks great what was I talking about and then I’m like.

That’s why because even if I were powder I still feel like I start looking more like texture on my skin. It doesn’t blur my pores but it also doesn’t emphasize them until it starts becoming a bit more oily on my skin. It’s just like it’s an oil-free foundation but it was by far the one that was obvious on my face. This is you know for me although again it is a bestseller dose of foundations. I’m assuming some people do like it but I don’t the second foundation that did not work for me like at all is by NYX. This is d can’t stop won’t stop full coverage foundation. It is $15 which makes it the second most expensive out of all the ones.


I will be talking about but it has 45 shades which makes it the one with best shade range / it’s also the one that is the most evenly distributed. So personally I have the shade porcelain and it is a neutral undertone which for some reasons I struggle to find at the drugstore. It’s either very pink and peachy or very …..

See more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjQudzlsqbM

The Best Drugstore Makeup Series 2019

The Best Drugstore Makeup foundation, The Best Drugstore Makeup dupe, The Best Drugstore Makeup products, The Best Drugstore Makeup, eyeshadow palette, The Best Drugstore Makeup 2019

  1. Revlon Colorstay Foundation Combination/Oily
  2. L’Oreal Infallible 24hr Fresh Wear Foundation
  3. Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation
  4. Milani Concealer & Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation
  5. COVERGIRL Trublend Matte Made Foundation
  6. Maybelline Superstay Full Coverage Foundation
  7. L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation
  8. Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation
  9. Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

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