The Best Products from ELF You Must Have!

Let’s kick it off with some AI products. So Elf does have a bunch of different eyeshadow formulas on their website and I like a lot of them. I’ve tried the majority of them but I have to say that my favorite eye shadows that they make are definitely.

The Best Products from ELF You Must Have

Best Products from ELF

1. Elf Cosmetics Best Friend Eyeshadow Duos >>> $3.00

Their best friend duos so each of these come with two different shadows. They come with a matte shadow and then a metallic or shimmer shadow and they coordinate really well.


If you’re a fan of very simple eye looks. You could honestly go in with these and just create a two shadow look and be good to go. My favorite part that was definitely the formula the matte shadows are very smooth and blendable and easy to work with and then the shimmer or metallic shadows go on. It really nicely they’re very pigmented and they stay in place really well. I don’t know I just wish they would create like an entire palette of this formula because it is so high-quality. It’s honestly very similar to a lot of my higher-end eyeshadows.So if you haven’t tried these already I definitely, recommend them.

2. Elf Cosmetics Aqua Beauty Molten Liquid Eyeshadows >>> $4.00

In general, I’m not the biggest fan of liquid eyeshadows I prefer more of a powder finish. I just think they’re really easy to work with. So I don’t have a lot of liquid shadows in my collection but I did try out these Elf cosmetics. I forget the exact name I’ll put it on the screen for you. I think they’re like they’re aqua beauty molten eyeshadows or something like that and they are so beautiful. I only have two shades but they do have a bunch of colors on the website and I’m definitely going to grab the other shades when summer rolls around because that’s when I tend to wear them.

They’re just really easy to work with. I usually blend like a powder shadow into the crease and then I go in with one of these all over the lid and I just use my finger to blend it out and they look really beautiful and really shimmery. I have oily eyelids and they stay in place on me pretty well. I do use an eyeshadow primer underneath but I would definitely recommend checking them out if you are a fan of liquid shadows.

So Elf has a couple of different eye primer x’ on their website and I like the original and I also like the white eye primer but I recently tried out the Matt to metal eye primer transformer and it’s been my absolute favorite. I actually find myself reaching for this over my Urban Decay primer potion whenever I wear a little bit more of like a shimmer or metallic eyeshadow look.

3. Elf Cosmetics Matte to Metal Eye Primer Transformer >>>$4.00

The way that they market this product I feel like is a little bit deceiving because it says that it’s supposed to transform a matte eyeshadow into a metallic or shimmer shadow. So when you apply this it’s very shimmery and very beautiful, but when I apply a matte shadow on top I feel like the matte shadows a little bit too opaque or you know a little bit too intense to actually, you know how this product through it if that makes sense. I think if you’re applying a sheer matte shadow maybe it would work but in general. I just use this in combination with metallic or shimmer shadows to intensify them and this one is in like a golden color.

So when I wear it underneath the shadow like I’m wearing today it just kind of gives it an extra pop it. Gives it something to stick on to and it locks my shadows into place all day long. They do have a darker version and they have a couple of colors on the website.

I do want to grab them because I think if you were doing a smokey eye of the darker version might be really nice as well so you can kick it off with a little bit of a darker base and really intensify that eyeshadow color.

Let’s talk about a couple of lip product favorites. They do have so many lip products on their website and I’ve tried a lot of them and I liked a lot of them but I wouldn’t say they’ve all become staples in my collection. So I wanted to share my absolute favorites.


4. Elf Cosmetics Kiss It Goodbye Lip Color Remover >>> $3.00

The first one is the Elta lip color remover and I feel like this is just kind of a product that a lot of people don’t think they necessarily need and I really love it. I think it’s an absolute staple for me I wear a lot of liquid lipsticks and they’re very hard to remove. So I like this product because it’s essentially like a blend of oils that breaks down the lipstick and makes it really easy to remove and also conditions and hydrates the lips.

I know you can go in with like olive oil or coconut oil but to be honest with you guys it’s just really conveniently packaged I can keep in my vanity but I can throw it in my purse or I can bring it with me when I travel and I’ve gone through two of them.

They work extremely well to remove the lip product and do they also condition and hydrate the lips really really well.  So I totally recommend checking it out if you’re just looking for a very convenient product to remove your liquid lipsticks.

5. Elf Cosmetics x Alissa Ashley Lip Gloss >>> $6.00

The Elf cosmetics Alissa Ashley the class in the shade nude Rose is absolutely beautiful. It is one of my favorite products. I just loved the formula the color the packaging everything about this. If they only came out with one shade and it’s supposed to kind of be a universally flattering shade that Alyssa created and it is really pretty on me. It’s definitely more of a dark nude, but I think if you a darker skin tone it would be a little bit more of like a light everyday nude for you. The formula is really nice. It’s not a sticky lip gloss at all it kind of reminds me of the elf cosmetics lip oils but it has a little bit more pigment to it. So it’s very lightweight very smooth very easy to use and it doesn’t stay in a place for a very very long time. I would say it stays in place for a few hours but it also wears really nicely.

So it kind of fades evenly the glossy layer wears off and then you’re left with a really pretty like sheer wash of color and then eventually that will wear off as well but it’s really easy to use it’s just nice to throw in your bag and it is beautifully packaged. I know you know it’s important not necessarily to buy products. Just based on packaging, but I mean good packaging it never hurts. So this is really really a nice product.

6. E.l.f. Baked Blush >> $3.00

These are the baked blushes they have four shades on the website I do have all four shades but the lightest shade and fantastic is definitely more of a highlight. I don’t really think anyone would necessarily consider it. A blush’s a really beautiful color but I use it more as a highlight the other three make beautiful blushes. They’re very gorgeous on the cheeks and I enjoy the baked formula. I’ve tried it their big highlighters. Their big bronzers they have like big tile tightening duos but honestly, the baked blushes are definitely better quality than the rest. I like the big thai lighters but you kind of have to scrape off the top layer to get them to work for you and I don’t find that to be the case with the baked blushes.

The formula is just a little bit different I like these because they’re very subtle on the cheeks but they also give you a little bit of a glow and they’re very natural-looking and I’m not necessarily a fan of like very bold blushes.

7. Elf Cosmetics Shimmer Highlighting Powder >>> $6.00

I prefer something a little bit more natural something that has a nice subtle glow the ELF Shimmer Highlighting powders are apps Looby beautiful. I’ve really been into highlighting. I think I would say for probably about a year and I have so many highlighters in my collection. I actually just decluttered them. The other day and that video should be up soon but it was a difficult task because I love highlighters so much.

These actually remind me a lot of the Becca cosmetics shimmering skin perfectors. They’re a little bit more on the dry side and they’re not exact dupes but honestly once they’re on the cheeks. They look so similar that you really can’t tell that much of a difference especially if you pick like coordinating shades. They have a bunch of colors and I think they have colors that would work well for you if you have a lighter skin tone but also a deeper skin tone.


So these are just really really high-quality in my opinion and I think they are so underrated. So definitely check them out if you guys get the chance.

Check the Elf products completely here.

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