The Best Korean BB Cream for Oily Skin 2018

Never find the right bb cream for your oily skin? Make sure you read the article below to find out the best Korean BB cream for oily skin that you must immediately try!

best korean bb cream for oily skin

Best Korean BB Cream for oily skin

Oily skin is one of the common facial skin problems that may cause you to lose confident little by little since this problem possibly brings some bad effects into your precious face skin, like acne. In this case, oily skins need to be treated well and carefully. In the article below, you’ll find out many best Korean BB cream for oily skin that is worth to try. Moreover, there are specially and professionally formulated to solve your oily skin’s problems as well.


So, now, no more worries about your oily skins since the article below will break down the best Korean BB cream for oily skin 2018. There are clinically healthy, and they bring many useful improvements to your pretty face. Can’t wait to get to know these fantastic products? Then, check them out one by one and make sure you don’t miss any single product!

Best Korean BB cream for oily skin

The Best Korean BB Cream

With some references of top Korean bb cream for oily skin below, you may find the best one for your skin. Then, immediately try to apply it and see the amazing result appears on your face!

  1. April Skin
April Korean bb cream for oily skin

April Korean bb cream for oily skin

For those with oily facial skin, it is recommended to use this product with the black cushion rather than the white one since it is much better in controlling your oily face problems. Moreover, this full coverage Korean BB cream is very easy to apply. Merely one single tap is enough to provide a light layer to your facial skin. Besides, you can let yourself to choose the best shade since there are many of them!

  1. G (Gowoonsesang)

G (Gowoonsesang) best korean bb cream for oily skin 2018

Another best Korean brand bb cream for oily skin that you should try is the perfect pore cream from Dr.G. even if you have acne marks, they all will be perfectly covered. Besides, it is alcohol-free, and it consists of two active agents, lemon balm and the oil of rose hip that’ll help your oily skin face problems. As a whole-packaging product, it is formulated with 30 PA++ SPF that’ll protect your face for a longer period.

  1. Jart

Jart bb cream korean celebrities use

Still wondering about other best Korean BB cream for oily skin? Dis-a-pore from Dr. Jart is worth to try. The ingredients used are mostly from the fresh and best-quality herbals like peppermint, jasmine, lavender and many more which can help reduce the oil production. As a result, not only covering the pores, but it is also hydrating your skin.

  1. Jart+

jart full coverage korean bb cream

Oily skins with acne? The Black label detox product from Dr. Jart+ brings you some excellent solutions. Once you apply this best Korean BB cream 2018 to your face, you will barely see the redness caused by acne as well as the acne spots. As usual, this brand combines several herbal products like green tea and aloe vera that are highly recommended to solve your oily skin face problems.

  1. Laniege

Laniege best korean bb cream 2018

The Laneige Pore Blur is the most approved best Korean BB cream for acne oily skin. Moreover, the bacteria produced from the acne as well as the oily skin can be easily wiped out with this Korean BB cushion cream. Customize your skin tone with six types of shades that are easy-to-apply and lightweight. Get a flawless face skin that is free of bacteria and oil!

  1. 3Lab

3Lab BB cream Korean celebrities

3Lab cosmetics brand is probably BB cream Korean celebrities use since it has dual functions, covering and treating skin face, specifically for oily skin. Dark spots will be no longer seen once you trace it on your face. Also, it is formulated to smoothen the wrinkles appear on your face. 3Lab BB contains SPF 40 that will protect and keep your skin hydrated all the time.

  1. Holika Holika

Holika best korean bb cream for oily skin 2018

This one sounds unique but has many incredible ingredients to fight your oily skin, acne even pores. Luckily, not only for oily skin but it is also the best bb cream for combination skin. Its main ingredients cover the aqua petit jelly as well as some fresh herbals, like peppermint and apple mint leaves. With a cooling sensation, you will feel so much comfortable and be ready to start your day with no more oily face.



The BB cream of this brand is formulated for all types of skin so that it can be one of the most recommended Korean BB cream for oily skin. Besides, you may feel both the whitening and smoothing ingredients which are properly involved in this product.

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Some of the best Asian BB cream for oily skin products above are worth to try since they are globally used by many people that fighting oily skin face. Directly choose one that you think is the best Korean BB cream for oily skin and regularly apply to get your oil controlled along with other related problems, like acne, spots, and pores.

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