Best Korean BB Cream For Dark, Oily & Combination Skin

www.Nisadaily.com – Are you looking for light makeup product for your skin? Korean BB cream is perfect for you. It has lighter texture and skin care ingredients which can both cover and care your face.

Korean BB cream


South Korea has known for their beautiful woman. They have flawless and glowing skin. Th flawless complexion is being a critical value in Korean beauty. You can get flawless complexion by using makeup, such as full coverage Korean BB cream. There are so many cosmetic and skin care product in Korea. One of makeup product you can use is Korean bb cream. Blemish balm cream or Korean BB cream is a mix of moisturizer, primer, skin treatment, sunscreen, foundation and concealer in a tube.

This all in one cream that will provide coverage and protect your face. Even though the lighter texture, it can cover your flaw as good as the foundation do. Korean BB cream is the most popular BB cream. Korean BB cream has many variant and type which can fulfill all your needs. Most of it also can care your skin. That because Korean BB cream contains some skincare ingredients too. We have the list of Korean BB cream review that will help to choose best bb cream for you. 

Review of Best Korean BB cream for Flawless Look

There are so many Korean brands which launched BB cream and their similar product. It can be tricky to choose which one will suitable for you. Do you want to know what best Korean BB cream 2018? Here we have the recommendation below. Let’s check this out.

1. Klairs Mochi BB Cushion

best korean bb cream 2018

Klairs is a Korean brand cosmetic which focuses on healthy and environmental friendly makeup. Klairs has claim all of the product is free of irritating cosmetic ingredients, such as coloring, paraben, alcohol and artificial perfume which a trigger of allergic. Perfect choice for you who are looking for Korean BB cream for sensitive skin.

Recently, Klairs has launched their BB cream. The BB cream is Klairs Mochi BB Cushion. The texture of this full coverage Korean BB cream not as liquid as others bb cream product is more like a balm. The balm texture will give you perfect and poreless finish look. It has apricot beige shade so that it will match to all skin tone.

2. Cosrx Make Me Lovely Cream

Cosrx Make Me Lovely Cream

Corsx is a Korean based cosmetic brand which famous for their essential and gentle skin care product. Even the skincare line is more famous; it doesn’t mean Cosrx don’t have the top Korean bb cream. They just launched their Cosrx Make Me Lovely Cream which very light and looks like a tinted moisturizer than BB cream.

Cosrx Make Me Lovely Cream is the best Korean cc cream for oily skin. It can control your sebum production but still keep your face skin moist. This cream was made from 46% lavender water, and free from ethanol, paraben, artificial colorings, synthetic surfactant, and fragrance. The shade of cream tends to cool skin tone so that it might look greyish on the warm skin tone.

3. Laneige SPF 50+ PA+++ BB Cushion

bb cream korean celebrities use

Laneige not only has the skin care product they also launched their cosmetic line, such as bb cushion. Laneige SPF 50+ PA+++ BB Cushion is a number one of bb cream Korean celebrities use because it can smooth your pores and make it more invisible. So you will get a perfect, flawless look. This BB cushion is contained a double powder that will make your face both smooth and flawless. It will give you a long-lasting semi-matte finish.

The plus value of this Korean BB cream cushion is it contains SPF 50  with PA+++ which can protect you from UV damage. To use this bb cushion, you need to use the puff. Then pat it gently on your face, it will give your flawless finish with a refreshing sensation.

4. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

full coverage korean bb cream

When the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream is launched, it was formulated for covering post plastic surgery and laser treatment. It will help the patient skin faster the healing process. But today, this best Korean BB cream 2018 is used by everyone for their daily makeup.

This BB cream is light, so it suits any skin type, even the acne prone skin. If you don’t have any makeup primer, you can use this. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream was packed with anti-aging, brightening agent and UV protection. This Misha bb cream was suitable for who searching for Korean BB cream for dark skin because it is ready in many shades.

5. April Skin Magic Snow Black Cushion

April Skin Magic Snow Black Cushion

This product is an upgraded version of April Skin Magic Snow Cushion which has a white package. April Skin BB cushion is one the best Korean BB cream nowadays. This BB cushion was made from 100% natural ingredients, so it saves and gentle for your dry or sensitive skin. Even this BB cushion can cover your skin perfectly; it is still very moisturizing.

April Skin Magic Snow Black Cushion is made with three in one formula, there are; whitening, UV filter, and anti-aging, similar to coalition sensitive bb cream formulas.  This BB cushion is available in three shades, Pink Beige, Natural Beige and Light Beige. You can buy this in Korean online marketplace.

6. Cathy Doll AA Matte Powder Cushion Oil Control SPF50 PA+++

best korean bb cream for oily skin 2018

Cathy Doll is a bb cream Korean brand which very popular in southeast Asia, like Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia. This brand was viral because it has launched their matte powder cushion, which claimed to be the first in the world. Cathy Doll cushion has five benefits; there are; UV protection, foundation, concealer, base makeup and powder. So it can call as five in one cushion.

Even the finish look of this cushion is matte; it still gives the healthy and glowy looks. Thanks to their pearl pigment powder, it enchanting your skin aura. It also has tea tree oils in their ingredients so it can be the best Korean BB cream for combination skin. The finish of this product is smooth and flawless.

7. Banila Co. It Radiant Glow BB Cream

bb cream korean brand

Are you longing to have glowing and flawless skin? You can use the Banila Co. It Radiant Glow BB Cream. This multifunction Korean BB cream cushion can brighten and cover your flaw. The wet texture of this BB cream makes it could be applied easily even without using brush or beauty blender.

If you have much outdoor activity, this BB cream good for you. BANILA Co. It Radiant Glow BB Cream contains SPF 37 PA+++ which can protect you from the UV rays. Even this is a best Korean BB cream for oily skin, it can be used to normal and dry skin too.

8. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Moist

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Moist

Another best Korean BB cream 2018 is the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Moist. For you who love Korean cosmetic, this brand must be sounds familiar to you. This brand is known for their quality and variety product. Etude House has two variant of their Precious Mineral BB cream; there are; the moist variant and matte variant.

If you love the glowy and dewy makeup, you choose the Moist variant. The pearl extract of this BB cream will help you to brighten and control sebum production. This is the best Korean BB cream for oily skin 2018, but suitable too for normal, combination, and dry skin.

9. Snail BB Cream by Secret Key

Snail BB Cream by Secret Key

According to the name, Snail BB Cream by Secret Key is a hypoallergenic cream, so this Korean BB cream for sensitive skin can be used for who already had dermatologic treatment. This BB cream helps you to regenerate your skin and covering your dark spot. It also helps you to get healthier and moist skin.

Secret Key Snail Repairing BB Cream contains snail slime extract which is very good for your skin. Snail slime extract will supply moisture and nutrient to your face. It also fastens healing process on your skin. This best Korean BB cream reddit is perfect for covering pores, wrinkles, and dark spots for all day long.

10.  Holika Holika Petit BB Cream

Holika Holika Petit BB Cream

The last Korean BB cream review is the Holika Holika Petit BB Cream. This BB cream has launched in many variants. First is the Bouncing variant: contains the caviar proponent which claimed can nourishing your skin. It will brighten and repairing your skin from the sun damage.

The Clearing variant contains the tea tree extract which can calm your skin. The Aqua variant: Made from green tea and glacial milk, to reduce your sebum production but keep it still moist. The last is the Shimmering variant; it contains pearl powder extract that will give your skin honeydew finish. All of it is the best Korean BB cream for combination skin.

Yup, that is all about Korean BB cream review. Hope that will help you to choose the right bb cream. Those Korean BB cream and Korean BB cream cushion are suitable for all skin type, such as normal, dry, combination, oily or for all skin types. Ensure you choose the product wisely by your skin needs.

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