Best Korean Moisturizer For Dry Skin 2019

We’ve mentioned we talked about how much important the oil and water balance is how important it is to keep them in the right balance.  But as much as it is important to choose the right product to balance out the oil and water level on your face. It’s very important to choose the perfect effective moisturizer according to different skin types. But before we move on to product recommendations of course first what we have to do is figure out what type of skin types you have and what points you have to remind yourself when choosing a moisturizer and starting with the very first in type will be dry skin types. Which are crying for moisture it’s really easy to spot dead skin cells covering your face and after cleansing, when you don’t put on your skin care products instantly. You can see the flakiness especially around your eyes, your mouth or your cheeks. And you can feel that your skin is pulling especially during the winter season like nowadays.

Korean Moisturizer For Dry Skin


Your skin becomes much drier and your makeup doesn’t even go on like smoothly and it turns up cakey and this can definitely lead your skin to lose elasticity. And because your skin loses elasticity, it’s really easy for dry skin types to have wrinkles on their face. So, for dry skin types, the problem is that they lack both water and oil on their face because they have very low production of sebum and sweat. For dry skin types, it’s really important to find a moisturizer cream product that has a great balance between oil and water.

So, that it will moisturize your skin from deep within. But also won’t let the moisture escape from your face by forming a protective oil layer on your face and talking about some great ingredients for especially dry skin types. They include hyaluronic acid glycerin propylene glycol and lipid jur and these ingredients are really great to provide moisture onto your skin and once you have provided. The right amount of moisture and nutrients onto your skin that’s not done. We’re not done yet it’s important to also try to form a protective oil layer onto your skin. Because this will help moisture not to escape out from your face. Now moving on to the second skin type will be the oily skin type for these skin types. It’s usually they have a thick layer of dead skin cells on their face and that is why it appears like they have a very rough skin texture and because of oily skin types.

They tend to produce a large amount of CIPA. That is why it’s really easy to see large pores for especially oily skin types and oily skin types tend to break out a lot and it’s really easy to spot craziness especially around the t-zone for oily skin types. When they apply makeup it erases quickly. So a lot of you guys who have oily skin out there there’s a tendency to concentrate on getting rid of the oil layer oil off from their face. However, that’s wrong because it happens due to the lack of moisture from deep within. When our skin lacks moisture in an inner level our skin because they want to protect themselves. They produce a large amount of sebum and that is why for those of you who have oily skin you feel like there’s oil all over your face. But still feels dryness from deep within.

Best Korean Moisturizer For Dry Skin

So for oily skin types, there’s a tendency that they lack more moisture in the inner level compared to dry skin. And that is why it’s very important to choose a cream to choose a moisturizer that does not have a high oil level. But instead has a very fresh and light cream that can provide moisture to deep inside your skin and moving on to the third skin type will be sensitive and troubled skin type well sensitive skin types. They tend to have a very thin layer of the skin and that is why the reaction to external irritation or products appear more intense and dramatic compared to other skin types and normal skin types and because sensitive skin types they have very weak immunity of their skin.

It’s really easy for their skin to turn rough and also end up having a lot of wrinkles and remember that all skin types from dry oily and combination skin types can definitely fall under sensitive skin types as well. And it’s also great for sensitive skin and troubled skin types to choose a moisturizer. That includes an ingredient such as ceramide or glycerin because these ingredients will help to improve or strengthen the skin’s outer barrier and now moving on to the fourth skin type will be the combination skin type and also for combination skin type.

It’s really really tricky to choose a perfect moisturizer perfect skin care products for their skin because as the word implies combination skin types have combined issues on their skin and also it’s really tricky because their skin conditions change a lot and combination skin types. They tend to have dry cheeks, but compared to that they also have excessive sitting around the t-zone and when the weather becomes cold, and when it becomes winters our skin becomes extremely dry and when the season turns into summer their skin just turns very greasy.

For combination skin type, it’s likely that they will have pimples usually around the nose areas or the forehead areas because combination skin types have problems that both oily skin types and dry skin types have. It’s really picky to choose a great product one of a great way is to find the perfect product to find the perfect moisturizer that targets different problems on different parts of your skin. It’s very important to choose a product. That it has a great balance between oil and water.

Korean Moisturizer For Dry Skin

Now, that we have looked into different skin types and what you have to remember when choosing the perfect and effective moisturizer according to different skin types now we would love to give you some product recommendations.

1. Wishtrend vitamin 75 maximizing cream

Wishtrend vitamin 75 maximizing cream

So again the first dry skin type the first product that we would love to recommend is our newly launched by wishtrend vitamin 75 maximizing cream the 75% of vitamin E. That comes from seed box or in water this is actually great to provide moisture from deep within and it also helps to form a protective oil layer onto your face. Because thanks to the ingredient from the natural plant-based oil ingredients and of course because it’s a vitamin product it also helps to brighten up your skin tone. For those of you who have normal skin types, it’s still a great product to use because this will definitely help you retain the balance between oil and water on your face and for extremely extremely dry skin types.

There’s another product that we would like to recommend and it’s I’m from honey cream this includes the honey extract plus the natural plant-based oil ingredient as well the very soft texture of this cream will definitely help you form a protective layer on your skin by filling up the oil level onto your skin. At night time if you want to give extra-special care we would like to recommend another product and its skin missiles pore your own eye cream which just has a multi-care effect this cream not only has poured tightening effect. But also has a brightening effect and also is very effective for wrinkle care and also throughout. The night it’ll definitely recover your damaged skin barrier. So what I love about this product is the texture because it has a very cream-cheese like the texture and I love it and this really helps absorb well onto your skin which will definitely provide moisture onto your skin and this will definitely give you a very glowing finish at the end.

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2. Vitamin Treating Water Gel

Vitamin Treating Water Gel

Now, moving on to the second skin type will be the oily skin type for those of you who feel like your skin is oily but still lacks moisture from deep within again. The reason why you have oily skin is because you lack moisture from deep within your skin to protect itself produces a large amount of sebum and that is why your face becomes oily and that is why you feel dry from within. But still oily on the outside. So for a product recommendation, you would like to recommend I’m from vitamin treating water gel because it’s oil-free but still enriched and moisture great part about this product is that. There is no scent and the very cool gel-like texture.

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