Get Dewy and Glowing Look with the Best Korean Moisturizer

It is not a debatable fact anymore that Korean women have youthful look on their face. But how they can maintain to appear younger and even seems like they are not aging? Well, the secret of their dewy and glowing skin is because they are much concerned about skin health and make it the first priority to their beauty routine. Skin hygiene is the first thing on their list if we are talking about Korean beauty care. They always double clean their face to make sure they do not have any makeup left on their face.

Best Korean Moisturizer


Moisturizer is an important thing to keep the skin stay humid. Best Korean moisturizer is used to preserve the bouncy skin which what makes Korean women stays resembling 20’s years old.

Moisturizer, as it is already on its name, is a tool to provide humidity to our skin thus our skin will get moist. The ingredients contained in moisturizer products should able to make our skin hydrated and healthy. Most of the moisturizer product usually consisted of elements such as hyaluronic acid which makes our skin glowing, petrolatum acid that prevents our skin losing its moisture, urea that retains water, glycerine which balancing internal water with absorbing and conserving moisture, and lactic acid to remove all the dead skin and let the new skin grow.

Best Korean Moisturizer For Oily, Dry and Combination Skin

Aside from those “normal” components, Korean beauty products in moisturizer might go to a little bit far through their uncanny inventions.  You can find rice, red ginseng, white egg, some fermentation products called galactomyces, and volcanic clay as the “it” ingredient in Korean skincare routine products. Even one best Korean moisturizer is putting snail mucin as the key substance for the formula!

Before you jump on your chair and surfing the online shop to buy a Korean moisturizer, you should know your skin type first to select the best Korean moisturizer. Skin type is ranging widely among people in this world but the major skin types are oily skin, dry skin, and combination skin. According to many recommendations that suggest picking a product based on the skin type, down below are the tips and best Korean moisturizer characterized by the top three most common skin types.


Mizon Poduct

  1. Best Korean moisturizer for oily skin

Oily skin tends to make your face literally looks oily from dusk to down.  It is a big no to appear oily glossy especially if you are about to give your pitch to a big investor.  You want to look as fresh as water that has just pulled out of the fridge. The tricky side about selecting the best product for oily skin if you want to get rid of your excess oil but you do not want to be dried out as well. The water-based product is absolutely better than the alcohol-based while treating oily skin.

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Alcohol and other drying formulas swipe away the essential oils on your face. Such a mechanism will trigger your body to produce even larger oil to overcome the moisture release.  Multifunction formula with all-in-one snail repair cream from Mizon will help you to reduce the shine due to oil without dehydrating the skin.

Although it sounds gross with 92% snail mucin in the formula, this moisturizer slash serum can decrease acne blemishes, reduce aging marks, and hydrating. Mizon also included glycoprotein enzymes, hyaluronic acid, antimicrobial peptides, vitamins, adenosines, and other 20 plant extracts to add up its performance. This formula will not give you a heavy feeling because it is so light and smooth.

  1. Best Korean moisturizer for dry skin

If you have a dry skin type, it is mandatory to put on moisturizer to keep your skin healthily hydrated. Glowing skin will not present on your face if you skipping moisturizer. Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream can give you a hand to deal with even extremely dry skin. The formula made by Laneige from infused minerals in particular water has a light feel but enough to hydrate flaky skin through the day.

This product also consisted of dimethicone which can be your primer as well. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream Clio also can be your choice for moisturizing your dry skin. Baobab tree extracts will hydrate your skin and keep your face from aging downsides. This product has a high level of hydrating so it is good news for flaky skin around the world especially when the weather is unwelcome.


TONYMOLY moisture care created with goat milk offers hydration via goat milk benefits. It will not smell bad, in fact, this cream really smells good with its light scent. Skin&Lab Red Cream Moisturizer that has an aroma like rose definitely is the perfect pick to light your day. This formula that uses rose stem cells concentrate will reduce your wrinkles, redness, and moisture your face all in one tub.

  1. Best Korean moisturizer for combination skin

If you feel you do not have an oily appearance and do not feel dry either so you must have combination skin. There is no need to feel confused about choosing the right product for combination skin because there is many beauty company release skin care product for the in-between skin. The Face Shop publicly markets their facial butter made from mango seed. You must like the fragrance if you adore the fresh fruity scent. With this light texture, your skin will easily absorb the advantages. Combination skin is about balancing.

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Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream will 100% help you with that. This formula contains an antioxidant which treats you with hydration and reduces inflammation. Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream from the Nature Republic can be a candidate when choosing moisturizer. This is the best Korean moisturizer so far to indulgence the combination skin. The formula is not too hydrating and not too dry, it is just a perfect mix! You do not have to feel anxious again dealing with flaky spots around the mouth or cheeks and oily T-zone because oceanic elements in this recipe have all the properties you need.