Best Moisturizer for Accutane Users

So after countless hours of research on blogs YouTube videos more blogs more YouTube videos more articles I finally
came to the decision after about 12 years of mild. Very mild acne to ask my doctor about Accutane. I really wanted to
do it we tried everything else from topicals to antibiotics. If you’ve already started your research you know the dry lips that I’m going to be honest with you flick them like a dried-up booty hole on Sundays.

Okay, I’m not even gonna lie to you because if you are going through Accutane right now you are to know that your lips at some point have been looking crazy or looking painful. Do you see this right now my lips are looking good? See, I can smile I can smile no cracking no nothing no splitting I’m going to tell you how you can get that. I was really hesitant to try this product because it’s oil-based.


best moisturizer for accutane

Anybody with acne knows that we have really really oily skin and my skin was very oily. After an hour putting on my makeup, I was there with the tissue blotting up all the oil. But it had such good reviews and the one thing that I wanted to do was really prep my face for my Accutane treatment. So about two weeks before I actually started my first pill. I went out and got the Josie Maran Argan cleansing oil. I was really scared to try it because it is oil-based. But I gave it a shot and I loved it. I will never even after my Accutane treatments done.

I will never go back to another cleanser and I really really regret not trying this sooner. They recommend using 3 to 4 pumps. I use one in the morning and I use two at night so that’s my number one must-have product second product. That I use on a daily basis I introduced into my regimen after about two weeks.

I was using CeraVe which is very highly recommended it did work. It’s a heavy cream but I left it at somebody’s house 60 miles away was it going to go back and get it. So I got argan oil I went to Whole Foods I found this one it was $15. I used three drops before I would unscrew the cap and just let it drip off like that because I was scared at first and I put it on the first day. I was like okay a week after that I was using a whole squirt in the morning a whole squirt at night putting it.

Over and my face was just absorbing it but it wasn’t oily like the oil that you produce out of your face. It was very very nice and it felt like silk. It was so smooth now once I hit day 20 my face completely dried out. I was not producing and still, am not producing any oil. I am so happy, it’s a miracle.

Best Moisturizer for Accutane Users

So now I use two squirts of this in the morning. Two squirts at night again another product I wish I would have tried sooner. Okay guys, so Accutane I feel like beyond all the other symptoms that come with accutane. The worst one is the dried lips because that’s what people see I went through all of my research and the number one product that people recommended for dry lips was Aquaphor. And so I went out and I got this huge huge tub for about $15 at Rite Aid at the time. They’re having buy one get one 50% off. So that’s when I went ahead and I got the aqua 4 and the CeraVe tub. This is what it looks like this is some serious stuff. I feel like it’s definitely equivalent to Vaseline texture but, for me, it has a little more of a moisture factor than Vaseline does. I mean, it’s you can’t you could squish it around but this is not coming out. it’s serious I got the aqua for I prepped my lips about two weeks before I started my Accutane treatment.

Now, I would put it on and like anything even like chapstick. I would go because you know it feels good and that’s just a habit of my any chapstick. I’m constantly rubbing my lips together. Well, about when two weeks hit that’s when my lips dried out I was like oh my god I thought it was like oh I’m not gonna get the dry lips that things happen yet that two-week hit my lips were like a crusty. They started getting these like lines going across almost like snakeskin looking they weren’t like peeling yet and they didn’t look that awful when I was using it. But they still had this weird snakeskin texture and look to them or and I’m thinking oh my gosh everybody raved so much about aqua for why isn’t it working about just a week ago.

I finally realized that me rubbing my lips together was creating a problem because my saliva was getting on my recently applied aqua for a balm. So one day I just decided. Let me just apply it like lipstick you know when you apply lipstick or lip gloss you’re not going to constantly rub your lips together. It’s going to ruin the look of your lipstick or your lip gloss. So I just I take it out of the tub I have long nails. I scoop it up this way and then I swipe it on and then I dab just stab like this just like you would a lipstick or a lip balm.

If you had to apply it with your finger and then if you need to do one of these that’s it I’m telling you instead of applying it every 10 minutes. I can go an hour and a half and also the best thing to do is at night because my biggest fear was you know yawning or you know I slobber a lot of sleep hard. So getting a crusty here and then opening up my mouth in the morning and splitting the sides that are my biggest fear. So at night I take it again and I put on enough to where you could slide across the basketball court put it on like a mask like a thick.

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Matthew, I have not split my lips and I have not split the corners because I pack it on so heavy at night and when you wake up your lips are feeling luscious and that was another thing in my head. I had been doing that since day one. I’m like why do I wake up every morning and my lips are feeling amazing we’re talking about seven-eight hours with no reapplication. But when I go to work I’m reapplying every 10 minutes every 10 minutes every 10 minutes it’s because I was rubbing my lips together and something with my saliva or something was happening it could all be in my mind. But my lips were looking crazy still so again just dab this will be your best friend look at my lips looking normal again. Do you see this I can smile ah see and I know some of you accutane people are suffering out there and cannot smile open your mouth or do anything just dab it’ll do so much for you. I promise these are my must-have products and don’t let the grease Enos of the Aquaphor or the oil of the argon and the oil cleanser get to your mind because around week three four you’ll be feeling the dryness and you’ll want anything to combat.


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