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This is my drugstore skincare routine. The thing that I’ve been doing for like ever we are going to be getting started. The first thing I’m going to be using is my makeup remover cleansing towelettes from Neutrogena. The night calming ones are the ones that I go for now. I do have the hydrating ones but I kind of love these like a lot more first of all. They smell really good. Well, this how these towelettes these towelettes smell really really good. They feel really really nice on the skin. It’s nothing rough. It doesn’t like to dry out my skin because I already suffer from really dry skin but it doesn’t feel like. It’s trying anything out and again they’re just really soft and they feel.  I use this to just take off the face makeup and after I take off the face makeup then I’ll remove the lips which I probably didn’t do that here but really who’s like paying attention. But can you guys look at how dirty that is right now pretty disgusting okay!

I’m going to be taking my cotton pads from Target, I spent like $2 on these babies and I’m going to be using my oil-free eye makeup remover from Neutrogena another thing that I’ve been using for a really really long time. What I like to do is soak the cotton pad with the eye makeup remover and then just kind of sit it there on my lid for about 10 to 15 seconds and it just helps to remove the eye makeup a lot quicker. I don’t like to rub too much because I don’t want to you know. I don’t want to be rough like underneath. The eyes now I’m taking my deep clean purifying foam cleanser from Neutrogena.


Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin Face Drugstore

This is a new foam cleanser but I’ve been using it for about two weeks now and this is the acne one they have like another one like a hydrating one but I used the acne one because I have like tiny bumps on my face this is really good. I totally appreciate this product and I strongly recommend it to you. Give me a second there. So now I’m taking this brush that I bought from Sephora much like the Clarisonic except it’s not electronic and basically just scrubbing out my face really cleaning everything up pulling off more of the makeup on my face and you’ll see in a second like how much of the foundation. It actually takes off that the makeup remover wipe didn’t take off.

Next, I’m going to be pat drying my face and moving on to the next step I’m taking my ELF Beauty shield recharging magnetic mask it best 30 dollars. I have ever spent this mask it is the legit same thing like the high end and I personally feel like it’s a lot better. It’s amazing comes with the magnetic wand as well as the mask and the plastic covers to remove. That to remove the magnetic mask off of your face. So you leave it on for about five minutes and you’re gonna see me acting silly here let me give you some sound and let’s go!

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Believe it or not, this is me like all the time and here is another corny moment of mine Jesus. I always think I’m so funny but I’m going to be taking that magnetic wand and you guys look at that you see the mask literally just like pulling off of my face. Now what I like about this the feeling that I get from it personally is I definitely do feel like it’s pulling the impurities out of my face and my face feels. So much more refreshed and cleaner after I take it off I swear by this mess. So if you’re looking for something to try something that’s high-end yet affordable I definitely say give this a whirl because I don’t think you’ll regret it. I definitely don’t regret it. I love this product, I leave so fresh and soapy. I was having a mommy skitzo moment. There sorry now I’m taking my hydro boost hydrating hydrogel mask. This is a new thing for me. I use this for the first time because I recently had a virus and my skin has still been suffering in terms of dehydration. It’s been a lot worse than normal and you can see. I was like totally confused. I didn’t realize that this mess came in two pieces, but this is really this is a cool mask.

I like this it felt really hydrating and nice like cooling on the face. It was like a good relief so leave it on for about 15 minutes and then I spent 15 minutes talking to my husband because I was in the basement it was really late at night and oh my god you guys like I mean I know this is my house but I was kind of like scared. So I was like you know what I’m a video chat with my husband. So I can kind of take my mind off of being a chicken but, so after 15 minutes you take the mask off and if you’re suffering from early dry skin or you’re just having like a dry skin moment because it’s winter time or whatever give this a world about 250 at Walmart.

Now, I’m taking my ELF illuminating eye cream and this eye wand this right here is another product that I use every single day and it’s a product that I swear by like completely this. It warms up underneath your eyes and it’s supposed to it’s supposed to help with the circulation and keep you know to keep you the dark circles at bay if you have any and of course like the little fine lines underneath your eyes. So it’s great!

The next thing that I use is my Neutrogena hydro boost hydrating serum. This is one of the products that I use before applying my actual moisturizer. This is another product that just assists in dehydration or I should say like the moisturizing of your skin if you’re somebody like me who suffers from really dry skin. This helps a great deal and you see me doing these upward motions it’s because I want to keep my face looking you know pretty good.

Now I’m taking my hydro boost multi-vitamin booster and the gel cream for extra dry skin all from Neutrogena going
to be using the gel cream first putting it onto my hand and then applying that multivitamin booster yet. Another product that just helps with the whole moisturizing and hydration in your skin this is a really good routine. I feel for people who suffer from dry skin but again don’t take my word for it, you guys because what works for me may not work for everyone else you may have to use high-end products. But I’ve been using high-end products or testing them out and they’re just not working as well for me as these products are they’re foolproof for me like.


I don’t think I’m ever gonna go to high-end products in terms of skincare. This is just something that I’m very happy with and my skin is obviously very happy with but this concludes. I’m getting the chins you guys I have a few chins so I gotta get those too but this concludes my skincare routine. I hope you guys enjoy it.



See on video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXaVEQk_WaU

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