Best Pixie Braids Hairstyles 2019

Pixie braids come in a variety of different styles, lengths, sizes, and colors. The one thing that sets them apart from other braids (micro braids, tree braids, etc) is that they are burned at the ends. This technique keeps the braids from unraveling. It also ensures the style looks crisp, and neat through months of wear.

Generally, stylists recommend keeping braids for up to two months. However, this is just an estimate. The duration or wear depends on a number of things: rate of hair growth, coloring needs, and most importantly, quality of maintenance. While most people get this style because of their low maintenance reputation, maintenance is required. In fact, it is essential if you want to have healthy hair. Many braid wearers experience hair loss, dryness, spit ends, and thinning edges due to unhealthy hair practices.

Although these braids are always done using synthetic hair (as the ends must be burnt), this doesn’t mean that you can forget to take care of the natural hair resting underneath. Keeping your scalp moisturized is one of the most important maintenance rules. This keeps dandruff away. Since braids expose the scalp, dandruff is quite noticeable.

Another thing to remember is cleanliness. Many people are afraid to wash their hair, fearing that the braids will become frizzy. Stylists suggest using a mild shampoo to wash the hair at least once every two weeks. Just make sure to wash gently. Harsh scrubbing will only do damage.

To prevent the frizzy look, simply wrap your hair at night with a scarf. Silk is preferred, but anything will do. This keeps the braids away from unnecessary friction against the pillow at night. If your hair is chemically treated, make sure not to get braids for at least one week after treatment. Over time, this will cause hair to break and possibly fall out.

As long as these simple maintenance rules are followed, pixie braids can be a fun, healthy break from your usual style. Many people love braids because of their versatility. They are a great style for athletes and outdoor adventures. Many swimmers and beachgoers love braids because they can go from water to road without a care. Braids can also be quite elegant. You can create cute, flirty curls by putting rollers in the hair. You can also put them back in a simple bun, for a more professional look.

The versatility of braids is why so many celebrities have sported them. Singer Brandy is famous for hers, as well as Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, and even David Beckham. If you’re looking for a new look or a way to give your hair a rest from the heat and destruction of blow dryers and flat irons, pixie braids are the way to go.

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Go online and search for your nearest licensed braid artist. Make sure to find a stylist with a “look book”, or photos of their work. Generally, they cost between $85 and $125. Pick a style. Do you want a short bob, long curly braids, or something simple for every day? With pixie braids, you can have it all.


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