Best Tips Choosing the Right Eye Shadow

Eye shadow looks tutorial for brown eyes, blue eyes and green eyes.

Eyes shadow can be considered as one of the trickiest types of makeup to apply. This is particularly since the kind and shade of eye shadow that can be applied are almost limitless. Makeup experts indicate that every shape that a person creates using eye shadows can lead to various realms. Certainly, it was black eyeliner that helped Elizabeth Taylor transform into her character of Cleopatra just like how Audrey Hepburn transformed into Holly Golightly. Aside from making your eyes bigger, eyes shadows can also attract attention to your eyes creating a dramatic effect. Nonetheless, you might find it tricky to apply eye shadow which specifically explains why a lot of women as afraid to apply it as compared to other makeup products. Achieving a perfect shade which can accentuate or complement your eyes may take some time thus this is where a few expert’s advice and techniques become relevant.


Here are some tips and techniques to help you in choosing eye shadow appropriately.

1. Choose the eye shadow form
When choosing eye shadow are available in many kinds of formulations and each formulation comes with a distinctive finish as well as the degree of complexity. Matte eye shadows can easily blend and are ideal for neophytes. This kind of eye shadow can be used to daytime makeup or when you want to create a heavy smoky eye effect. For people who don’t like to use eyeliners, they can use power eye shadows particularly those that are densely pigmented. In order to achieve a soft as well as natural look, you have to use this powdered eye shadow with a fine-tipped brush.

2. Choosing eye shadow: How to achieve the natural look
If you want to achieve a soft definition, you have to select a powder matte eye shadow. Usually, the best kinds of eye shadow for eye colors are those with a neutral shade. In this case, the best neutral shades that you can use are beige, taupe, muted wines, charcoal, ivory, browns, as well as grays. Normally, experts advise opting for a medium eye shadow. Since these kinds of eye shadows are sufficiently light, consequently they do not have to be considerably blended. People who have dark eye colors are advised to use brown eye shadows so as to accentuate the eye color which can provide more definition and intensity.

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3. Color options should be considered.
If you want to keep it safe, you might want to opt for black or brown, however, there are also newer alternatives such as metallic, charcoal, and gray. There are other instances wherein you can also make use of eye shadows in shades of blue, green or turquoise. As compared to the black one, charcoal or smoke colors can give a softer look. Metallic, on the other hand, are best for complexions with narrow eyes. When metallic or gold eye shadows are applied, the eyes appear bigger. Metallic eye shadows can be used with other shades such as white. A monochromatic look is achieved when metallic eyes shadow is used with those categorized as possible substitutes for eyeliner.

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