Best Tricks for Appling Makeup on Dark Circles

Best Tricks for Appling Makeup on Dark Circles

Bobbi Brown, the international makeup artist, authored Bobbi Brown Beauty Evolution. She has mentioned in her book, “Making your eyes look their best takes two things: the right cream to keep the skin around the eyes smooth and the right makeup to enhance your eye color and shape,” Dark circles around your eyes are like the muddy pond around a lotus. They cover your eyes, engulf and hide the beauty of your eyes. If you wonder how celebrities and morning news anchors manage to keep up the bright-eyed look in spite of their hectic schedules, most of the credit goes to the make up professionals.


Brighten up with eye drops:

Brightening eye drops remove the redness from your eyes. It makes the white part of your eyes whiter. It is the swiftest way to look most awake.

Dark eye shadows do not camouflage:

Dark eye shadows cast the lids with darkness. It is advisable to use a flesh-toned hue to even out the skin tone. Top this flesh-toned eye shadow with a sheer gold shadow. Apply this from the lash lines to the crease. Luster gold shines up your eyes.

Vitamin E rehydrates:

Take a capsule of Vitamin E or use a moisturizer that is rich in Vitamin E. Dab on some Vitamin E moisturizer or oil under your eyes, prior to applying makeup. This softens and rehydrates your skin. It gives a fresh look to the skin and the puffy bags below your eyes are camouflaged.

Best Tricks for Appling Makeup on Dark Circles

Conceal the dark circles:

Hide Dark Circles from MakeupBobby Brown says, “Concealer is the secret of the beauty universe,” It shows how handy concealers are in hiding the flaws of the face. The trick is to find a concealer that blends well with our skin. Always, choose a shade lighter than your skin. Apply concealer in a thick layer under your eyes with a brush. Then dab the concealer gently on the patches. Give time for the concealer to dry before your sponge it with a yellow-based foundation.

Bronze it up on the blush:

Apply blush on the cheekbones; sweep it up with a bronzer. Let the shimmer shine high on the cheeks. This brightens up the whole face and the eyes too.

Best Tricks for Appling Makeup on Dark Circles

Art of perfection:

Dab on the eye cream and let it soak for a minute. After a minute, apply the foundation and apply it under your eyes. This will erase the dark circles, enabling you to use less of the concealer. Concealer brush gives you the kind of perfection you would crave for. Apply the concealer from the inner corner of the eye until the midpoint of the eyeball. Then you can give a feather shape. Blend it well to avoid the demarcation lines.

The moisturizer does wonder:

Best Tricks for Appling Makeup on Dark Circles

The best way you could help your eyes look radiant and free from the dark circles is to use moisturizers. They add moisture to your skin and help it look fresh.

Lifestyle and styling:

Along with styling your looks, simply maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sleep and eat well to have healthy eyes.

Make up tricks for dark circles are a lot of how you can ape the fresh look and look awake in spite of the hectic schedules and the late nights.

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