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Vichy skincare reviews – We are going to be doing a review for Vichy Eason is since it is the summertime. We want to protect our skin from that Sun, so they sent me there Vichy ideal Soleil anti-shine sunscreen to review and share with you guys. I went to Mexico a few months ago and I tested this product out the whole week. I was gone here’s a little card but they sent to me just gives you a little bit of information about the product. So it is 60 SPF UVA and UVB. UVB broad-spectrum protection it has the Memorex Excel and anti-shine ingredients. It is a dry touch lotion and a sweat and sebum absorption. So the formula is a dry cream and it’s going to claims to soak up and you see them are sweat on their face.

That the days, so it doesn’t seem like you’re actually wearing a cream and I’ll get to it but it actually, it is a very dry cream. It is good for 80 minutes and it is water-resistant. Ok, so it looks like this.


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So this is going to be great for your skin. It is a skin care sunscreen you can’t go wrong with this product. It doesn’t have a huge scent to it. It does smell like your typical sunscreen though but it’s not overwhelming and overbearing.

I have a lot on but it is a very very dry cream, so when it says it soaks up Steven and it soaks up your sweat and it doesn’t feel greasy, it is true. Like I just swept all that cream in and it’s not tacky oily greasy nothing. It is a great sunscreen, it didn’t clog my pores. I didn’t Creek out from it and I was still able to turn from it. That is another thing too. I didn’t want to send subpoenas gonna be too powerful. So that my body was gonna tan but that’s my body buzzing. So this definitely protected my skin. I didn’t bubble or get any burnt patches on my face which I did on my shoulders. When I went I definitely recommend this product for the summertime. I’m going to say it’s great for all skin types. Oily, dry, combination skin, it’s very neutral in that aspect.

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This sunscreen claims to form an ultra-resistant film appropriate for combo to oily skin types and or humid and damp climates. It does have a few good skincare ingredients.

First glycerine. The classic humectant also cinnamon which is naturally mattifying great Burnett fruit extract which is a natural astringent ginger extract. Which has been shown to inhibit skin tumor development and is additionally antioxidant and antiseptic. It also has a couple of bad ingredients. This is not a fragrance-free. Formula fragrance is less than halfway down.

The ingredients list there’s a lot of silicone. In this formula and phenoxyethanol is 2/3 of the way down the ingredients list. Let’s hit it with the metrics how does it rate the sunscreen is labeled SPF 50 and it also has the UVA circle symbol.

What that symbol indicates is that the UVA protection is at least one-third or higher the SPF protection. So a UVA circle rating on an SPF 50 sunscreen means that it will take 50 times as long for UVB rays to damage your skin.

As it would be you wearing nothing and sixteen times this long aka fifty divided by three times as long at minimum. That’s the floor to receive the UVA circle seal it could be higher than that but at minimum 16 times as long for your skin to be damaged by UVA rays as it would be were you wearing nothing in their marketing verbiage.

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For this formula be she specifically claims that this sunscreen blocks 75% of UVA rays for reference an SPF of eight blocks 87% of UVB rays so 75% of UVA rays.

Sounds like a good number relative to models that don’t advertise UVA protection at all but it’s actually nothing to write home about how much does it cost. So Vichy does sell sunscreens in the US but they don’t sell this Sun in the US because of some of the UV filters. It’s available in Europe and it’s available from European websites that ship to the US it sells for around 17 pounds on Beauty Expert calm and feel unique calm is it a good deal.

I prefer sunscreens with better UVA protection, then this and many of them are available for $25 or less which is about what this would cost in US dollars. It’s an okay deal if you’re bent on getting this sunscreen or you’re standing in a chemist’s sunburned.

Looking for sunscreen and it seems like the best of the bunch but it’s not the best deal in sun protection. I’ve ever seen that’s for sure is it a physical sunscreen a chemical sunscreen or a combination. This is an entirely chemical sunscreen. Its active ingredients are octave solid homas salad.

You’ll t-150 tina sorb s full XL a below-been zone and autopilot doesn’t smell. Yes, this has a weird bad fake fruity smell but at least it’s not strong and it doesn’t linger will it sting my eyes no this did not sting my eyes like gather in my wrinkles. No this did not gather in my under eye wrinkles will it leave a white cast on my skin.

Yes, this does leave a soft white cast with practice. I was able to create a finish even enough that I didn’t have white streaks on my face but it did accentuate texture on my skin and have a soft white cast nonetheless despite being quite pale. I did not find this to be a particularly subtle sunscreen does it dry down in 20 minutes or less true to its name. This does dry down completely in 20 minutes to a transfer proof matte nonsticky finish. How does it look under makeup, so if your initial application of this sunscreen is absolutely perfect?

The sunscreen film can accept one to two swipes of a foundation brush before ruining the Centurion film and pilling up on the third swipe. If your initial application of this sunscreen already had patching and pilling it won’t disappear under a liquid or powder foundation. It will still be obvious and might even be accentuated, so can you apply makeup over.

This theoretically you’d have to be a better makeup artist than me how does it wear throughout the day. So this will stay put throughout the day if you don’t touch it. If you accidentally scratch or rub your face it will pill up and rub off in patches. It cannot be reapplied over itself it needs to be removed and applied and knew what skin type is it best suited for I think the sunscreen is okay for any skin type.

Just okay for any skin type and neither dry it out nor moisturize. My skin over the course of the day it might be better for oily skin. Just for cosmetic reasons, I found that. The more layers of skincare underneath the fussier the initial application and the more likely to misbehave this sunscreen was so if you have two toners a serum and eye cream and a moisturizer under this, good luck getting it even probably not going to happen.

If you have oily skin you use a single toner and you skip the rest of that stuff before putting on your sunscreen. You might actually get a decent cosmetic effect from this. How about its texture and consistency, so there’s a blob of it you can see that it’s a pretty thick lotion and there it is spread out.

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You can see that it has a soft white cast. Now let’s wait 20 minutes and we’re back so it’s actually only been 10 minutes because my hands are drier than my face. I think it dried even faster than it typically does this is foreshore a quick-drying dry touch sunscreen as I think. You can see it still has a soft white cast nothing crazy but it certainly can’t be worn alone on anybody who isn’t very fair and it is completely dry touch transfer proof.


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