Blissful Revitalizing Moisturizer As The Best Body Lotion For Dry Skin

Nowadays there are a lot of skincare brands that offer their product with their own pre-eminence. The products may be of one kind but the differences are placed in the ingredients they use, the test their past and absolutely the functions. As we know that every skin also has a different treatment, there are five types of skin which are oily, dry, combination, normal and sensitive. The products of skin care are a facial wash, moisturizer, day or night cream, serum, essence, mask, acne spot, micellar water, toner, and others.  But now we just talk about the blissful revitalizing moisturizer as an organic body lotion.

blissful revitalizing moisturizer


The moisturizer has an important objective for the skin which is to moist the skin and balancing the pH of the skin. Some product of moisturizer also has another objective based on the ingredients they use. Well, now we will jump to the main topic blissful revitalizing moisturizer as the best body lotion for dry skin.

About The Product

The blissful revitalizing moisturizer is a skin care anti-aging product. While it will help the skin to come back youth without getting hurt as surgery or laser. The brand claim that this product will make your skin beautiful and youthful just in a few taps. They also for sure that the ingredients they use are the same as what does the dermatologist use. This product has texture likes regular cream which as soft as the lotion. This organic body lotion also claimed can reduce the fine lines and wrinkles through improve the skin texture and get the smooth finishing look.

As they use the ingredients that same with the dermatologists use, the blissful revitalizing moisturizer can count as of the best organic body lotion. For those who want to try this product but you afraid it will not suitable with you. Don’t worry because this brand has a trial size for you, you just need to pay around 5.90 USD for shipping and handling fee. You can visit their website and click and get your blissful cream free trial.

The Ingredients

The blissful revitalizing moisturizer uses the ingredients that our skin needs which are water and collagen. The blissful stated that as we getting older, our skin will stop producing the college and it will make our skin getting dryer and dryer. Those ingredients will help the skin to regenerates the collagen and hydrate the skin. So that after using this product, our skin will stay hydrated all day long without clog the pores. This might be one of the best body lotions for dry skin.

Another ingredient of the blissful revitalizing moistures can work as the vitamins and anti-oxidant. The vitamins will help the skin getting healthier throughout nourishment and moisturizing. Some vitamins also help to brighten the skin such as erase the dark spot. For the use of vitamins bring this product also to be one of the best organic body lotions too. As we all know that anti-oxidant is good for the skin because it will kick out all the free radicals and prevent to come back. All the ingredients are has been tested by a dermatologist and clinically proven. It will suitable for all skin type or skin tones and a minim of risk.

How To Use & How It Works

For getting a better result in use this best lotion for extremely dry skin is used for daily. Because it will help to get out from dryness, agility, itching, peeling and cracking. Then will increase the elasticity of the skin also. The steps to use this product are first to clean your skin by wash it gently. Then put the towel to dry the skin. Second, take some of the cream with your fingertips and tap to the problem area and the whole face till neck. The last is let it be in 15 to 30 minutes to get into your skin before you use another product.

Besides good for dry skin, it is also good for the itchy skin as I mentioned before. This best lotion for dry itchy skin will works by fades the wrinkles and fine lines. Meanwhile, the dark spot also will be clear by the blissful moisturizer cream. You don’t need to worry about the scars left on your skin, because this cream will be worthy of that.


The benefits of using this best lotion for extremely dry skin product are:

  • Will help your skin be youthful as the anti-aging inside and the capability to erase the wrinkles
  • Kick out all the scars left on the skin
  • Besides help the skin problem, it also nourishes the skin by the vitamins
  • Increase the elasticity of the skin
  • Free radicals will out from the skin by the anti-oxidant content
  • It was dermatology tested so it’s safe to use
  • Help to hydrate the skin as likes another moisturizer
  • Repairs the skin tone by clear the spot dark
  • Enhance the production of collagen
  • It provides free trial for the customer who wants to test it


  • Pretty hard to find the information about this organic body lotions even on the website of blissful revitalizing body cream and there is no much review about that.
  • The information on the website is not clear enough, such as the price is not mentioned there
  • Even though it’s called a free trial, but we still have to pay about 5.95 USD
  • The explanation about ingredients is not complete. So that for the long-distance buyer, it will be quiet hard. Because by ingredients we can see that will suitable or not.
  • The product didn’t mention about non-comedogenic.

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In conclusion, we can say that blissful revitalizing moisturizer is an organic body lotion that good for dry skin even itchy skin. So that we can award it as the best body lotion for dry skin and best lotion for dry itchy skin. All about this product is good actually, the minus one is just minim of information. That’s all about the blissful revitalizing moisturizer, thank you.

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