All About The Homemade Natural Body Butter

Body butter DIY  – The homemade natural body butter is the body skin care product with personalization of custom natural scents. Learn more about it in this article.

The body butter is the skincare product that thicker than the lotion, contain less water, and dense texture, so it will last longer to stay to protect the skin. By whipping homemade whipped body butter, you can get the sensation of soft and comfortable to apply in a moisturizing process that should last long 6-8 month. Let’s take a look at the best natural body butter information in the article explains.


The Explanation about The Homemade Body Butter Lotion

Homemade Body Butter Lotion

The body butter is playing the role to provide a transparent barrier to keep the moisture from escaping in the skin so it will be suitable for people to live with the all type skin in various climates. Usually, body butter is making by glided it into the smooth and light paste that can be applying in every condition specifically over the lotion. Depending on the ingredient each body butter has a unique texture and absorbency level to hydrating and nourishing the skin, the following information will give you the best-suggested list of body butter product.

The Suggestion List of Homemade Body Butter Lotion

  • Shea Body Butter

The first recommendation for body butter recipe is the shea butter extracted from the shea tree that grows in Africa. The tree is well known for its benefit as the anti-inflammatory and good therapeutic use for skin. This body butter has the characteristic of the essential fatty acid and collagen synthesis which is also enhancing skin elasticity.

  • Cocoa Body Butter

Next product of easy body butter DIY is the cocoa butter that usually uses for food consumption. The cocoa body butter is containing the antioxidant, mineral, and flavonoid. The cocoa body butter plays a vital role in keeping the skin keep healthy and beautiful. Furthermore, the cocoa butter can be used to reducing the scar and mark caused by the skin threat such as acne.


  • Mango Body Butter

This is a body butter natural. Mango body butter also categorized as the emollient that helps the user to get moisture in their skin. Usually, the mango kernel is the mango part that extracted to use as a body butter. The mango body butter is containing much vitamin A, C, and E that give a positive impact on skin development such as, protecting, nourishing, moisturizing the skin.

  • Almond Body Butter

The almond body butter usually takes the form of homemade whipped body butter that comes from the extraction of almond into the smooth paste. Almond body butter has a rich content of natural vitamin and antioxidant. Furthermore, the body butter is suited for all type of skin and treatment.

  • Kokum Body Butter

Homemade Body Butter Lotion

Last body butter we will explain is the body butter recipe nongreasy that created from kokum fruit. The ingredient has the capabilities as the anti-inflammatory skin care medium and can calm your irritated skin. Furthermore, it is suitable for all the skin types especially for acne and oily skin.

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Natural body butter DIY comparing with the cream and lotion for the skin care treatment is the absolute best which have the indicator such as suitable scent, right texture, and easy to make it yourself.  Furthermore, don’t forget to decide whipped body butter recipe to consider the skin type need. The body butter is fulfilling the skin need and give the protection so you will have the perfect condition of your skin appearance.

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