How To Make Homemade Body Butter Recipes With Essential Oils?

It’s never gonna make body butter together. So body butter is it’s a really thick cream that just skips on really smooth and Dicken. It awesome, it’s good for teachers to give stocking stuffers any woman in your life. That needs a Christmas gift she will love this recipe.

Body Butter Recipes With Essential Oils



How To Make Body Butter Recipes With Essential Oils?

Let me tell you the ingredients you’re gonna have to gather up first you’re going to need coconut oil. I get this at Costco is like 17 dollars for this giant tub of organic coconut oil good deal on that and then you can eat some shea butter this is just utter if Islander all shea butter. You can get it on Amazon I’ll link it up in the blog post and you’re also going to need some kind of oil like a carrier oil that’s liquid at room temperature. You can use olive you could use Young Living has a v6 oil mine is like really old in this bottle. It has fractionated coconut oil and sesame you could use jojoba sweet almond grapeseed oil. Now brixi is green so think about what it might tip your body butter green. I haven’t tried that yet but you try let me know if it works and then you’re also going to need some kind of empty container.

I had these just spice jars that are empty glass laying around not keep up any glass star. That goes through my kitchen. I keep it and wash it really good I dry it out as long as it’s clean and has an airtight lid. I’m probably gonna use it for something um you could get jelly jars or those little half-pint squatty ones that are so cute. I’ve got them on my blog in a few places. Just some a glass jar and then you’re gonna need essential oils. That’s one we’re here right?

Young Living has a premium starter kit that is there changes some of them. It changes some of the oils that come in the kit and the new kit is going to have Melaleuca a which is tea tree oil and we’re really excited about that you could mix. So that I’m just making a base cream today but you can mix frankincense and Mel an in this and have a good face cream for dry skin citrus fresh. There’s another one that’s coming into it I’m super excited about this. One it smells delicious but today I’m going to be using lemon oil because it’s easy it’s inexpensive and it smells like pot. You could put into this body butter or lavender smells really nice any you can customize this any way you like.

Body Butter Recipes With Essential Oils

So you choose what oils you think you would like in your body butter, let’s get started making this today. Oh almost for now you’re gonna make a saucepan and a measuring cup and this stove. Let’s get started!


The first, thing you’re gonna do is to heat your stovetop – I’ve got mine set on like four or five just medium heat put your coconut oil in there and I’m using about a half a cup. You can double triple whatever this recipe to make it go further for gifts and see how fast that starts to melt it’s pretty much immediate and then the shea butter it hardly comes in these big lumps. So instead of trying to measure that out into a measuring cup, I just set it on samatha scale my kitchen scale until I get about four ounces or however many you know balances honey. That’s close enough, it doesn’t have to be exact Y’all just be approximate.

We’re gonna melt all of this down together until it’s in a liquid form and at this point, I’m not gonna add the essential oils. I’ll wait till it’s cool down a good bit to do that and also the other carrier oil can wait – So we’re gonna melt this together okay. This has melted completely took about four minutes for that shea butter to melt down all the way. Turn the heat off and at this point, I’m going to pour this into my mixing bowl, that it’s gonna be ready to. I’m just gonna pour this in here and then I’m gonna put it into the refrigerator and let this come back up to a solid state. It’s gonna take a couple of hours, I will see you guys back here in a few hours after this is solidified. So here is the after product this is been in the refrigerator for about two hours and here’s what we’re looking for we want to be able to touch it and make a dent like that. It doesn’t need to be completely liquid, but it doesn’t need to be completely solid either. That’s pretty much perfect right. There this is a consistency we won’t start whipping this up. Let’s put it in our mixer and I’ve got my whisk attachment on here and I’m going to start just like that and as I do this I’m going to start adding in this other liquid oil that I have slowly whisking in make your speed increased with incorporated it all in there.


So this has been whipping now for about ten minutes and I want to have a look at this. This is a lot like cake icing or frosting look at that stiff peak. It’s kind of like a meringue that’s what you want. You want it to just have a stiff peak on it and if you need some help with this firming up if it’s not firming up enough for you, you can put it back in the freezer or the refrigerator for a few minutes. Watch it, don’t let it get frozen solid but just let it firm up some and it will whip up a lot better I added a lot more lemon oil to this because it needed some extra. So now I’m just going to put this in this container and I’ll show you guys the finished product in just one minute. I hope you enjoyed making this body butter, thanks!


See on Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL72inK_HBo

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