Making Body Lotions Best For Face & DIY Moisturizer Using Coconut Oil

Body Lotions Best – Besides buying moisturizers and body lotions, you can make homemade body lotions and DIY moisturizer face coconut oil for softer, hydrated skin. But how to making body moisturizing lotions? Let’s check this out!

Make homemade body lotions and DIY moisturizer face coconut is easy. Skin moisture is one indicator of healthy skin. Not only for those who have dry skin, but maintaining skin moisture is one way to prevent some skin problems. Such as preventing premature aging and preventing the body’s skin from becoming scaly.


Body lotion and moisturizer are two beauty products that can moisturize the skin of our face and body. In addition to moisturizing, body lotion can protect the skin from the dangers of UV light. Likewise the moisturizer, its use can prevent various skin problems.

Now, instead of buying moisturizers and body lotions, you can make homemade body lotions best for the face with coconut oil and DIY face moisturizer recipes at home. Besides being more economical, the ingredients used are guaranteed safe because they use natural ingredients.

How to make body lotion best for skin with coconut oil

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Natural body lotion can be your choice if you feel that the body lotion you usually use no longer provides a formula like the first time you use it. Therefore, here is how to make lotion easily :

1. Body lotion with coconut oil and essential oil

Coconut oil is often used as the main ingredient in beauty products because coconut oil can help rejuvenate the skin. Besides that, the most important thing is that coconut oil is a natural moisturizer so that without any mixture, coconut oil can absorb to the skin optimally.

If you are curious how to make a lotion that smells amazing, the first step is to prepare half a cup of coconut oil, then your chosen essential oil is 25 drops. The fragrant odor for body lotion is obtained from the essential oils used. After that, all ingredients are mixed using a mixer. Mix until the ingredients are shaped like whipped cream. Then place it on a bottle and store it in the refrigerator. Those are the information of making homebody

2. Body lotion with coconut oil and aloe vera

As it is known, the two main ingredients have been known to have good benefits for human skin health. Just like coconut oil, aloe vera also has a moisturizing function. Aloe vera can make the skin soft without clogging the pores of the face. In addition, if you have irritated skin from a knife or blister, you can use aloe vera to heal the wound.

As natural ingredients that can also increase skin hydration, aloe vera and coconut oil are good combinations for making body lotion. To make natural body lotion with the ingredients of coconut oil and aloe vera, it takes a few stems of aloe vera leaves that have been peeled and ground to form a paste. After that, mix coconut oil into the aloe vera mixture. This easy and inexpensive recipe can be applied at home and can be a substitute for daily body lotion.


The information above is some information about homemade body lotions best and body moisturizing lotions DIY use coconut oil. If you feel bored with sold body lotion on the market, you can try this natural body lotion for healthier skin.

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