Bridal Beauty Tips For Summer and Spring

Alright, lets get back to some makeup talk already! Tis the season, spring and summer bring pretty flowers and warmer weather and also weddings! I’ve done makeup for a lot of weddings and I always get asked about makeup looks, what products to use, rates and preparations before the big day. You brides have enough to deal with when it comes to planning the wedding of your dreams so I’m here to make things a little easier. Whether you’re planning to do your own makeup or have an expert do it here are some bridal beauty tips to help get you through your big day!

Bridal beauty tips and makeup


1. Finding a good makeup artist and rates.

Referrals are always the best way to find a makeup artist because you know that they’ve been referred for a reason. No body will refer to a bad makeup artist. Also, find and book an artist 4-6 months prior to your wedding. A really well-known artist gets booked up pretty quickly. If you have no referrals, the internet is also a good source because many artists will provide their portfolio and rates online. Another good sources is spas and hair salons. Inquire about whether they have a bridal party package which most do. Visit your local makeup counter as well. For example, MAC offers makeup consultations/applications but you must commit to buying $40 of product. The only thing that could sway you from deciding to do your wedding makeup at a counter is that you have to go to them rather than coming to you. And most times, big wedding parties can’t fit in the store.

A good makeup artist will not only provide a sample of their work but will offer a consultation (which is a must) along with a digital picture so you can see what the makeup will look like. Find an artist that is willing to travel to you. Some will provide a face chart with the colors and products used, however, this is optional but even if they don’t have a face chart they can at least write down the products. If you have a specific look in mind, bring it to the consultation. This is a good guideline for the artist to see if it’ll work for you. A good artist will be able to use the right products and colors for your skin tone and type.

Rates vary from artist to artist. Most if not all makeup artist charge for a makeup consultation and will ask for a deposit the same day as the consultation. This is to ensure the booking as well as the number of people getting their makeup done. Most makeup artists will provide a receipt of some sort with the deposit amount and total owed on the day of the wedding. You will both sign it and you should both have a copy. Shop around for makeup artist rates until you find someone that fits within your budget. Most makeup artists will not do the makeup if there is less than 2 people getting their makeup done. Keep in mind that the less people there are, the higher the rates will be (again rates vary and this is not always the case). If an artist has to travel a long distance to do the makeup her rate will most likely include a small traveling fee. If you’re unsure how much you’re willing to pay to get your makeup done, I always ask potential clients how much they will be spending on hair. Makeup should be about the same cost. People sometimes forget that makeup done well, of course, is just as important as the hair! Anyone can do makeup, but not everybody knows what techniques to use for different lighting or the right products to use to achieve a flawless face.

2. Hairstyles and rates.

When finding a good hairstylist use the same resources as finding a makeup artist. If you have a regular stylist you go to then finding someone to do hair on your wedding day is done. Most salons have bridal packages that will be able to accommodate your entire bridal party and usually, the makeup application is included in the price. If you use a freelance hairstylist, rates again vary. The plus side with a freelance stylist is that they will come to wherever you are with all their equipment. Always do a consultation first and make sure they have a sample of their work on hand. Consultation fees will vary as well. If you’re a handicap when it comes to hair like me, having a hairstylist will benefit you big time (although for my wedding I got my friend who is good at styling hair to do mine for free!). Bringing examples of looks is always a good guideline and a good hairstylist will tell you if it will work with your hair/face. Don’t be afraid to speak up if there’s something you don’t like about the style ‘ same goes for the makeup. We’d rather you speak up than be miserable all day. But try not to be too nit-picky! haha

3. Prepping yourself for the big day!

Bridal beauty tips and makeup

a. I always tell brides to make sure they get enough sleep before the wedding. You’ll need your energy with all the emotions you’ll be feeling, the many people that you’ll be greeting, the over smiling you’ll be doing picture after picture, and of course partying it up with your guests at the reception (and don’t forget about all the lovin’ you’ll be making at the end of the night!).

b. Water! Water! Water! Drinks plenty of water to keep you and your skin hydrated and looking beautiful.

c. Never get a new hairstyle a few days before your wedding. If you’re dying for a new color or cut do it at least 2 weeks in advance so that you can recolor your hair if you need to or if you need your hair to grow out a bit.

d. A week from a wedding book a facial. This way if you break out a bit after, your skin will have some time to recover. Booking a waxing around this time is also good too. If your hair grows fast do it 3 days before the wedding. Never do it the same day or you’ll be left with a red inflamed face!

e. Get a mani/Pedi 2 or 3 days before so that the polish color is still fresh and chip-free.

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