Bun Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

While the majority of long-haired women have no problems in creating updo hairstyle with their locks short-haired ladies sometime have no ideas about updo hairstyles for their short cuts. But they usually need to wear a classy and romantic hairstyle for date nights, for parties and for official meetings. Special for my shot-haired beauties I have found out the best bun hairstyles ideas. Check out the represented collection of 2019 bun hairstyles for short hair and ever worry about your elegant look.

If you can pull all your hair to a side then you can easily create a side bun hairstyle. This cute small bun is a girlish and classy hairstyle to wear on second day hair as well as on windy and humid days.

Women who are fond of French twist hairstyle will surely love his twisted bun hairdo for short hair. Creating it on your haircut you’ll bring an illusion as if you have quite long hair which is tucked under your updo in a neat way. If you like you can tease the top part a bot for a volume before putting your locks into a twisted bun hairstyle. This is a nice hairstyle for wedding parties.

Another stylish hairdo that can be copied by short-haired brides is this cute curly bun hairstyle. As you see its looseness makes it look a bit volumized and more beautiful. If you have a shiny hair color it those curls will also bring out its stunning shade.

Bob haircuts can be styled into a sleek classy bun hairstyle. You can go for it for your second day hair or for rainy and hot days when you need to have a cozy hairstyle.


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As short hair has less volume and depth compared with long hairstyles you need to add it by teasing or making your hair a bit messy before styling a bun hairstyle. This is, of course, in case you need a casual hairdo for everyday life. Messy bun is a quick and easy hairstyle and looks very beautiful.

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Half Bun Hairstyle for Short Hair

half bun for short hair 2019 Nowadays we meet many celebrities rocking the half bun hairstyle both among males and females. This trendy hairdo is now not only a casual but a party hairstyle too that you can sport on your short thick locks. It helps you have your hair out of your face partially gathering your hair.

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