A Chemical Peel Can Make You Look Like A Celebrity In 1 Minute

You see all those beautiful celebrities in TV, movies, and magazines and wish you could look just as beautiful as them. Just as beautiful as Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie are.

Chemical facial peel natural anti aging beauty products


You think that is impossible, right?

But, what if you could?

Well, it is possible to get that beautiful skin by something called a TCA peel.

Facial peel treatments have been done for almost 4.000 years starting with the ancient Egyptians.

Face peel products these days come as light, medium and deep peels.

The light skin peel products are products based on glycolic. AHA or lactic containing products and light peels can only provide a superficial improvement to your skin and gives only a refreshed look.

If you have real skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, coarse/rough/dry skin, crow’s feet, deep forehead lines, blemishes, blotches, uneven skin or uneven skin color, liver and age spots then you need a facial peel with something called TCA peel.

This kind of peel has been used for 50 years and is the most effective way of solving your skin problems. Though you may desire repeated treatments with 4 weeks apart then after just 1 face peel you will notice that your skin has improved dramatically.

Wrinkles have softened or disappeared. Acne has been reduced or gone altogether. Blemishes and blotches have improved and also other skin problems will have improved significantly.

How do you use chemical facial peel?

It’s quite easy. First, you clean your skin and remove excess oil whereafter you apply the solution to the area you wish to treat and after a minute you rinse off with water. You could apply several layers but if it is the first time you use a chemical peel then start with 10% TCA.

You can repeat a chemical peel every 4 weeks and will get further improvements each time.

If you just start out with TCA peel then just use 10% to see how your skin reacts. If you have sensitive skin or have used Accutane within the last 6 months then 10% TCA is a good starting point in order to make your skin get accustomed to the TCA treatment.

After a peel then your skin will be renewed and look younger and better than your old skin and will actually be slightly thicker than your old skin due to increased collagen production.

When you have used 10% TCA a couple of times then you can move up to 15% for a couple of treatments and later up to 25%. You could go as high as 35% but make sure that you followed the suggested regiment to be absolutely sure that you get the desired results.

It is important that you follow this regimen since a few individuals have sensitive skin and react stronger to any peel products. That is entirely avoided if you start at 10% TCA and then slowly build-up. This way your skin gets accustomed to the peel and get stronger and then it is entirely safe.

If you go to a skin doctor then you will be charged $700 up to $1.500 for a peeling. To get the maximum effect you need 6 treatments with 4 weeks apart. Your total charge could run up to $10.000 for 6 treatments. And you would still need to get a maintenance treatment once a year or so.

Luckily, you can now get home chemical peel which is also useful for acne treatment in the comfort and privacy of your home for about $10 per treatment. TCA peel is also great for acne treatment and general skincare since it cleans clogged pores and help prevent future acne outbreaks.

The author has 23 years of experience with skincare and products that give you more beautiful skin.

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