Choosing The Best Anti-wrinkle Cream

When it comes to choosing the best anti-wrinkle cream for yourself, things can sure get a bit confusing – especially considering the many options that are out there.’

A good quality anti-wrinkle treatment will’contain significant levels of ingredients that will provide deep moisturization, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and expression lines, alleviate puffiness and’darkening underneath the eyes, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and improve skin discolorations and age spots while restoring your skins youthful appearance.


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The first thing you want to do when choosing an anti-aging wrinkle cream is to look’at the list of ingredients.’ Look for an anti-wrinkle skin cream that contains a blend of ingredients like Copper Peptides, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Retin-A Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. These are some of the top anti-aging ingredients that have been proven to significantly slow down and reverse’visible signs of aging in skin.

What Do These Ingredients Do For Your Skin?

Copper Peptides – Often referred to as one of the most effective anti-aging skincare ingredients, this facial rejuvenation treatment promotes skin firmness and density, stimulates collagen and elastin production, reduces photodamage and hyperpigmentation, and is very healing to the skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid – Also known as AHA’s, the most common AHA’s are glycolic acid, lactic acid, tartaric, citric, and malic acid.’ AHA’s are very effective at exfoliating dry, dead skin cells, increasing collagen and elastin production, accelerating skin cell turnover and repair, improving skin tone and texture, and reducing large pores.

Hyaluronic Acid – A natural substance found in abundance in young skin, hyaluronic acid is a highly effective humectant used in many skincare moisturizing products.”This powerful hydrator reverses the signs of aging because of it’s’ability to retain and hold moisture in the skin.”

Retin-A – A form of Vitamin A, this powerful skin rejuvenator stimulates skin cell regeneration, builds collagen, diminishes age spots, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reduces pore size, improves skin’s hydration levels, improves skin’s texture, and minimizes blemishes.

Vitamin-C – Also known as L-ascorbic acid, this powerful antioxidant protects the skin from inflammation, reverses and protects the skin against free radical and UV related damage, fades skin discoloration due to sun’damage, tones and tightens the skin, boosts collagen production to help thicken the skin, and reduces fine lines, scars,’and wrinkles.’

Vitamin-E – An excellent moisturizer, Vitamin-E is another antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. Vitamin-E not only guards the skin against UV damage, but also reduces skin discoloration, age spots, and helps diminish scars and stretch marks.’

CoQ10 – Found to be very beneficial in fighting signs of aging, CoQ10 reduces fine lines and wrinkles, repairs sun-damaged skin, improves skin’s elasticity and firmness, and diminishes the signs of photoaging.

Kojic Acid – Has a similar effect as prescription strength’hydroquinone, kojic acid is a natural skin lightener which inhibits the production of melanin (brown pigment).’ Kojic acid works well for bleaching freckles, age spots, and skin conditions such as melasma (pregnancy mask).

Green Tea – Gaining in popularity as a common ingredient found in natural skincare products, green tea is also very rich in antioxidants which helps prevent and protect the skin against sun damage.’ Green tea is’also a powerful anti-inflammatory and very soothing, which can help in the’reduction of skin disorders like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.

Consistency is Key

When using an anti-aging anti-wrinkle cream, remember to allow enough time for it to be effective.’ It’s not an overnight cure, but if you’re using a high-quality skincare product line, you should see’results almost immediately. Consistency is key when it comes to skin care. Much like execising, if you don’t remain consistent, the results will fade.

Opt For Dermatologist Recommended Products

Also, be sure to take into consideration the quality of the ingredients. Many exorbitantly high priced skin care lines may’offer excellent products, but you’re basically paying for the name and the pretty packaging.’ But, then again, if you’re serious about improving your skin and want to see good results, stay away from low-grade products that contain minimal amounts of age-defying ingredients and offer little or no benefits.’ Instead, opt for Dermatologist recommended products that contain higher levels and higher quality anti aging ingredients. You can find affordable skincare products that’have been proven to help improve both the health and appearance of your skin without spending an arm and a leg.’

Here are some of the best, low to moderately priced Dermatologist recommended anti-wrinkle creams and serums that’have tested and proven ingredients with lots of customer feedback and reviews…


Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti Wrinkle Cream’-‘ An Allure Magazine “Best of Beauty” Award Winner – this inexpensive but effective anti-wrinkle cream contains Retinol'(Vitamin A) to work deep within skin’s surface where wrinkles develop. A combination of Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and special moisturizers work’to even out skin tone and’increase moisture levels. This lightweight hypoallergenic formula is oil-free, non-greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin.

La Roche

La Roche Posay Redermic Plus Daily Fill In Anti Wrinkle Firming Care Dry’- This intensive anti-wrinkle treatment formulated for dry skin contains 5% Vitamin C to help stimulate collagen production while firming and deeply hydrating the skin. La Roche is hypoallergenic and paraben-free and will not clog’your pores.

MD Formulations

MD Formulations VitAPlus Intensive Anti Aging Serum – Loaded with a special combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Alpha Retinyl Complex, Vitamin A, and potent antioxidants, this powerful anti-aging serum is ideal for mature and photo-aged skin, targeting’deep lines and wrinkles beneath the skin’s surface.’


Dermelect Empower MP6 Anti Wrinkle Treatment-‘This extremely effective formula combines three powerful wrinkle relaxing and antiaging peptides with hydrators, vitamins and skin synthesizers. The blend of ingredients are specially formulated to safely and effectively boost natural collagen production and to help soften fine lines and wrinkles.

Peter Thomas Rot

Peter Thomas Roth UnWrinkle Day SPF 20′- This patent-pending blend of eight highly concentrated, wrinkle fighting and anti-aging peptides combined with moisturizers, vitamins, and broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection to create this powerful wrinkle-fighting solution. Specially formulated to target stubborn laugh lines, forehead creases, and brow furrows.

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