Cindy Crawford’s Natural skincare Remedies

Cindy Crawford’s Natural skincare Remedies – Has anyone used Cindy Crawford’s skincare line “meaningful beauty”? Is it as excellent as she says?

I have used it and then I sent it back. No results whatsoever after the 30 days. Its a gimmick and a waste of money.


People with freckles and/or moles tend to have two polarizing opinions about their skin marks. Many people consider freckles to be an adorable attribute, while others are humiliated at the sight of their hyperpigmentation spots. This article outlines the causes of freckles and moles, as well as signs that these spots could be cancerous.

Cindy Crawford's Natural skincare Remedies

Most people like their freckles and are even proud of them and feel that they are a crucial part of their physical identity. People with moles often feel the same way. Certain celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford popularized the idea of a mole as being a beauty mark rather than a dermatological problem.

First, let’s look at the causes of freckles and moles so that we can better understand how our skin works. Freckles are small, flat areas of pigmentation on the skin, usually seen on the arms and face. They can be red, brown or tan in color and develop after birth and can sometimes increase with age. Freckles generally develop on the skin due to sun exposure.

On the other hand, moles are collections of cells called melanocytes. Melanocytes have the specialized job of producing your skin’s pigmentation, called melanin. Moles can be either flat or raised and are usually in the form of a small, circular brown spot. Although the majority of moles are dark brown, they can also be:






Moles, unlike freckles, can be present from birth. These moles are called congenital moles and possess a higher risk of skin cancer than other moles. Moles of this type can also be much larger than typical moles and are often misshapen with uneven coloration and borders. These are called dysplastic moles and can progress into malignant melanoma. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on moles.

While moles and freckles can be kept if the individual feels that they positively affect their appearance, they need to be routinely checked by a skilled dermatologist for any sign of cancer. Skin cancer often develops in a mole. If an individual chooses to keep all of his or her moles, he or she should constantly be on the lookout for the following symptoms of cancerous moles:




Raised or scaly surface

Large moles or moles that change shape

Blurred or uneven borders

Uneven coloration or shading

Tenderness or pain at the site of the mole

Mole that appear after the age of 20

People may choose to have their moles removed due to cosmetic or health reasons. Precancerous moles must be removed immediately. They can be easily erased by a dermatologist with little pain or scarring.

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