Different Types to make DIY Coffee Scrub on Face

Coffee scrub recipe for face – Other than masks, the scrub is one of the beauty product which almost every woman uses to maintain its facial skin. One of the favorite scrubs is coffee scrub on the face.

Coffee scrub on the face is one of the famous beauty products that everyone can try by themselves at home. A scrub is another type of beauty product besides a mask that has a rough texture because there are grains in it. The function of these items is to remove dirt and dead skin on the skin of the face.


Coffee Scrub on Face

For some people, they think that cleaning face is only about washing face regularly. In fact, on our facial skin, there are still dirt and debris that we use which can also cause facial problems. By using a scrub, the dirt can be lifted. Coffee scrub benefits give a more fresh and shiny face.

A scrub is indeed one of the beauty products that can be made at home. Coffee scrub DIY face is one of the favorite DIY scrubs because of the coffee scrub for face benefits that are very good for those who use it. It is also because coffee itself is an easy-to-find ingredient at home; this ingredient is definitely in every house.

Several types to make your coffee scrub on face

The actual scrub is not only used for the face but can also be used for all parts of the body. To make your coffee scrub for face, you can create and mix the best scrub for your version. Here are several types:

  1. Coffee with Sugar

The first coffee scrub recipe is coffee with sugar. You may think that coffee mixing with sugar is only ended up in a cup. However, coffee and sugar could produce the best coffee sugar scrub. You can prepare five tablespoons of coffee and sugar as much as two tablespoons. Both ingredients are placed and mixed in a bowl and add enough water. Stir until the mixture becomes like pasta. This coffee sugar scrub recipe will be better if it is applied by hand and rubbed throughout the body.

  1. Coffee with coconut oil

The second coffee body scrub recipe is coffee with coconut oil. Coconut oil is not only used as frying oil but also essential ingredients in making DIY coffee scrubs. To make it, you can prepare five tablespoons of coffee and three tablespoons of coconut oil. After that stir well until the mixture becomes like pasta. You can apply the body parts that you want.


In short, those are the information about different types of make DIY coffee scrub on the face. You can try the recipe that has been given at home and sees the good results given.

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