5 Ways To Make Yourself Prettier Using Coffee

After drinking a cup of coffee, many people often discard it as a waste product. However, as happens with many other things, the coffee grounds can be used for other purposes after being consumed. Therefore, reusing it is an excellent idea that can help preserve the planet, save some money and provide a fine beauty treatment.

Coffee and Cellulite


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Most of the treatments that have coffee as their main component are used to treat a problem that affects the vast majority of women in the world ‘ cellulite. The coffee has unique properties to remove the hated ‘orange skin’ due to caffeine, which makes it easier to break the cells of fat that accumulates in the skin, as well as boost circulation, increase levels of fat burning molecules, have a great lipolytic effect, etc. That is why coffee is a slimming helper par excellence. Collect the remains of coffee when you drink more and apply this directly on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms, etc, i.e. in areas where you have cellulite and massage the specific body parts with upward circular movements to stimulate the circulation.

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Coffee Removes Dark Circles

In addition to the properties mentioned above, it is proven that coffee has very good results for people with black spots and dark circles under the eyes. The reason for this is the fact that coffee activates blood circulation. Dark circles appear on the face because blood cannot ‘move’ freely, either from lack of sleep, alcohol, poor diet, overworking, etc. You can make coffee and apply soaked compresses under the eyes for a few minutes.

Coffee as a Body Scrub

The application of ground coffee on the body serves to remove dead cells. It is used for both facial and body masks, it is very easy to prepare and gives wonderful results. Just make circular movements on the skin to leave it much smoother, shinier and cleaner. If you want to be sure that you are putting pure coffee on your body, check out coffee grinders and get one to grind it yourself and be in complete control over your beauty treatment.

A good recipe for the homemade coffee mask is mixing two tablespoons of plain yogurt, one of brown sugar and one of ground coffee. Apply this mixture in ascending and circular motions on the skin, leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and remove with warm water. Do not forget to moisturize with a nourishing or hydrating cream of your choice afterward.

Coffee Gives Hair Shine

You can reuse the coffee to have much brighter hair. This is achieved by using a solution of coffee and water, as is done when we want a cup of this drink, which must be cold or at least at room temperature. The solution is used after washing the hair, letting it sit there for about twenty minutes, before rinsing.

Coffee for Foot Care

Add coffee grounds to a washbowl of warm water and place your feet in it for about 20 minutes. Moreover, rubbing your feet with the coffee grounds will make the skin smoother and remove rough patches. This remedy is not only energizing but will also help control sweating and smelly feet.


There are voices for and against this popular beverage worldwide. Some suggest that it is good for health and others just the opposite. However, in the case of topical (or external) use of coffee, no one can doubt that it is a great ally. That is why it has been used in feminine aesthetic treatments, creams, and lotions for a long time.

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