Review – Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Anyway, I wanted to quickly come on here and give you guys my full and 100% honest review on this product. There has been a lot of like back and forth like controversy about these liquid lipsticks. So I am here to talk about them.

Liquid lipsticks, they pretty much have like the same amount as those. It’s just a typical liquid lipstick packaging.


They retail for $6 which I don’t know any other liquid lipstick that is that cheap aside from the LA girl.

Matte, I believe the LA girl ones are called. They’re matte lip glosses, but they are liquid lipsticks and those are around $4. I think they’re even cheaper than this. So anyway, they are super.

Affordable I’m gonna go into the pros really quick. They’re affordable. They’re $6. Totally unexpected. They are not tacky.

What so ever which kind of works both ways some duo don’t like that. But they are the kind of liquid lipsticks that when you do this. No. It doesn’t transfer like some of this won’t get stuck on the top, Which I find that that sometimes happens with my Kat Von D ones.

Sometimes certain colors they don’t transfer because it’s not tacky.

It almost dries instantly, but you could still build up the color like you can do layers and layers and layers. I don’t find a problem with that. But when they dry, they dry as they dry. They’re so mad. So there’s no tackiness. You don’t get that weird thing that you do get with the LA girl ones.

They’re great, but they’re tacky anyways, so, yes, they are not tacky. They don’t transfer. They’re not patchy. Those are things I really like cons.

People are not gonna like this if they hate drying formulas, these are very drying. They’re liquid lipsticks. Okay, the formula that is closest to this is the Lime Crime Velveteen.

Liquid when you apply them as you apply them to your lips and it’s pure liquid and then they dry to a matte formula. The ones like the Stila dose of colors on a sauce camp.

They’re like a mu C formula like you could watch them on your mouth and on your hand and you see that it’s a mousse texture takes a little bit longer to dry. But they are pretty freakin drying. I’m not gonna lie.


I can wear Mac Ruby. Which for some reason it’s like the driest mac lipstick?

I don’t know why but I could wear Mac Ruby. For like the entire day, and I don’t feel it. I love it. It’s like my favorite MAC lipstick. I don’t feel it on my face and my friend Gaby is like, how do you wear this?

This is cement on my mouth like she cannot do it. I could literally wear cement and I’ll be fine with it as long as it doesn’t crumble. I can wear the driest lipstick in the world. Just because I don’t care how it feels as long as it lasts all day. Like that’s my thing but anyway, these are super drying if you don’t like drying.

Liquid lipsticks, you’re not gonna like these but for example, the Anastacio ones are not drying last they kind of smear on me. That’s okay. Some of them last some of them smear on me. These don’t smear because they’re super freakin matte.

So, I mean you have to take it with a grain of salt. There are six dollars. So some of them you have to work with the lighter shades. Like for example this one I’m not gonna like I hate this color. This is called vice. This one’s called vice. This is don’t buy it in this terrible. But then you have a color like this house that I’m trying to find it.

This one’s my Kara one. This one’s called tool super smooth and it felt almost more hydrating than the other ones so weird. So you have to take these with a grain of salt I say buy to buy one or two and then try them out and then go from there.

My favorite liquid lipstick formula is the girl lactic ones and the dose of color ones. Let’s test out for yourself. I have found that the best way to use this like when I first tried it out, I’m like, okay. These are pretty drying. I got to work with it.

I personally 100% recommend using a lip balm underneath this. These are a little bit high maintenance.

I recommend using a lip balm underneath or a lip primer. I really love the cargo lip primer.

I also recommend if you don’t have that use lip liner like use a lip liner on your entire lips and fill in your lips and then go with this on top and it makes it less drying and.

It doesn’t go into your lines as much as this by itself because this can kind of accentuate your lines though using a lip liner and your entire mouth will diminish that so a lot. I know you’re like while those are really high maintenance. You have to use a lip balm a freaking lip primer lip liner.


There are six books. You can make it work. So yeah, those are that is my honest 100% review.

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