Combination Skin Treatment – Here’s How to Treat Both the Oily and the Dry Regions of You Face

Combination skin treatment requires a double approach.

What do I mean by a double approach?


Well, to treat combination skin we have to treat both the dry and oily areas of the face. If we treat our combination skin as if it’s entirely oily, then we’ll worsen the areas that are already dry. Making these areas even stiffer and more fragile than before.

On the other hand. If we treat our skin as if it’s entirely dry the result will be the opposite. This means that there’ll be excess oils in the skin. And breakouts and blemishes will occur.

But don’t worry. Rest assured after reading this page you’ll learn how to care for your combination skin.

5 Steps for Treating Combination Skin with Product

1. More times than not, the eye area is easily prone to dryness. So use an eye makeup remover that is oil based to clear out makeup from this sensitive area. Use a que tip to remove the excess mascara. Then dampen with cool water to strip off any excess oil.

2. Use a facial wash (one that contains a lot of foam) in the morning. It’ll remove excess oils from your as well as unclog pores and prevent blackheads. Wet skin, and then massage the facial wash in the oily regions (usually the T-zone). Allow your skin to soak in the facial wash in order for it to get rid of dirt. Then rinse off with clean, cool water

3. Use a creamy facial cleanser in the evening to cleanse and smooth dry areas. This will assist in promoting balance between the oily and dry regions. It’ll also enhance your complexion. Massage it into your skin especially in the dry regions, then remove gently with a cotton pad.

4. You will need to use two different toners to cater for the two different skin types. Choose one for oily areas and a mild one for drier areas. This is an inexpensive and efficient use of your products because you’ll only be using a little of each. Pat the toners over your skin with cotton pads.

5. Pat your face with a facial moisturizer especially on the areas that need moisture the most. Use a tissue to remove the excess from oily areas (T-zone). This’ll leave your skin looking and feeling well nourished.

Herbal Remedies for Combination Skin Treatment

Here are some herbs that work well with combination skin. Why not give them a try.

They are:

Herbal Ubtan:
Here are the ingredients for a great herbal remedy to treat combination skin:
Ground coriander
Ground cumin
Ground fenugreek
Ground liquorice
Besan (chick pea flour)

Now here’s the procedure:

Blend all the ingredients together as well as store in an air restricted container.
When ready to utilize add lemon juice and fat free yogurt to make a soft paste.
After that rub the paste within your skin in a circular movement and rinse off with comfortable followed by cold water.

Herbal Oils for Combination Skin Treatment

Herbal oils Home Remedies for Combination Skin routine


Here are herbs that you can use to treat combination skin.

Almond oil with rose or jasmine.

And sunflower or jojoba oil with lemon or bergamot.

Other herbs that are great for Combination Skin Treatment

Lavender water is excellent for treating both the dry and oily areas. Splash some on your skin throughout the day.

Aloe vera also works well. This plant has healing along with moisturizing properties. It can also enhance your complexion. Cut the top of a juicy aloe vera plant and rub the juices gently unto skin.

Home Remedies for Combination Skin


Home Remedies for Combination Skin, Herbal oils Home Remedies for Combination Skin routine

Home remedies are a great way to lower your beauty budget. They are also fun to make.
And the best part is…..

…..You’ll see the results.

I use these home remedies all the time in my combination skin treatment routine. So give them a try and see for yourself.

Avocado Facepack/ Mask

To make an avocado face pack, you’ll need:

  • 1 avocado
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 egg white

Now here’s what you do with the ingredients:

Mash avocado and mix in the remaining ingredients and apply it to your face.

The avocado is rich in moisture and natural oils. It’ll treat the dry areas of your skin.

Egg white and lemon juice, on the other hand, are best suited for oily complexions.

Oatmeal mask


  • 2 tsp fine oatmeal
  • 2 tbsp powdered orange peel
  • Yogurt
  • Almond oil

Mix the oatmeal and powdered orange peel together. Then add enough yogurt and almond oil to make a paste.

Spread the paste across your face and relax. The oatmeal mask will nourish both the dry and oily areas of the skin.

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