My Top 10 Favorite IT Cosmetics Products

Today I’m here to share with you my top 10 favorite products from IT cosmetics.  I have a lot of favorites from IT cosmetics products and I was actually surprised that we had a different favorite.

I have so much from IT Cosmetics in so many favorites from them, but I definitely have products that I don’t like as well. I can do that in different articles or maybe mention them another time if you are interested in that but I did narrow it down to ten and really. It’s kind of like five that are my top favorites cosmetics products and the other fives are kind of like favorites because I use them so much and really do love them but they’re more like honorable mentions and what I’m gonna do is kind of pair them together. Because some remember similar items. So I’ll kind of pair them together with my top favorite IT cosmetics products and then the honorable mention.


Cosmetics Products

Let’s go ahead and get into it now the first cosmetics products. I’m going to mention is a skincare item products and I don’t know if that should be any surprise to you guys because I love skin care. I love trying new skin care products one of the main reasons. I love IT cosmetics is because they’re a brand that is like a skincare brand that is makeup. It’s like all of their lyings. It’s from familiar with IT cosmetics or if you’re not is you know usually anti-aging has skin benefiting properties. Just the ingredients are made for like skincare but it’s makeup and so that’s one thing that I fell in love with IT cosmetics for aside from just they have such quality products.

So the first item is IT skin care item and this is the by bylines serum and it’s advanced anti-aging wrinkle smoothing miracle concentrate and I have like about this left. I’ve been using IT products so sparingly lately because um actually for a while. I just stopped using it cuz I was like I need to buy more. I’m not gonna use it till I buy more but I’ve kind of gotten back into using it and I’m like I need to just buy more.

I did receive this one in PR and I’ve had it for quite a long time but I just like I said I’ve been trying to stretch the use of it before I can buy some more. But, I absolutely love this. They do have a few other like serums. That are like in the same kind of bottle. I have never tried any other ones before this is only one. I’ve tried from them but I love this. I usually use it before I apply makeup or even at night in my skincare routine but it actually I feel like works nicely. As I don’t all say primer as in the fact that it’ll make your life makeup lasts longer. But just for priming and prepping your skin IT just does something when you put it on.


It feels like IT makes your skin it makes my fin skin feel like silk. I swear I put it on in my face and just instantly feel softer smoother more plump. I love this and I know when I was using it religiously like every day twice a day. I notice a difference in my skin like I said I stopped using this for a bit. Just cuz I was like. I’m almost out I need to buy more, so I wanted to use IT more sparingly but I love it. So that is one of my favorites and so this again is in the top ten but this is more like an honorable mention.

I would say this is what in the top five. This to top 10 this is the honorable mention and this one if you guys remember the video. I am that I did when I got this you might laugh at me but let me just say this okay. This is the five eye makeup.

I’m three-in-one makeup melting cleansing balm my first impressions on this were not good and I don’t mean that they weren’t good because I thought this was a bad product. Like I even said this sounds like a great product. It seems like a nice product. It smells good, it feels nice. I had used it, I think once before I did that like first impressions a review of it and I was just it wasn’t that I thought I was a bad product. What the thing was I just wasn’t impressed by an expensive makeup removing product at that time in my life.

I wasn’t super into makeup removing products. I usually use and I still do use my like makeup eraser cloth to remove my makeup and I find that just easiest without having to buy the product. You just use water with it. So I’m just like I don’t the idea of having to buy expensive makeup removing the product. So that’s the only reason why it kind of I gave it like something I wasn’t impressed by IT cosmetics products but since I had IT, of course, I was gonna use it and I started realizing that like I love.

This stuff it just truly makes the makeup removal. So quick and easy like you know I wear a lot of glitter do false lashes and you get thick glue stuck in there and while like IT cosmetics product never really fazed me or whatever using my makeup eraser cloth this just like melt it away and the other thing is like and I wrote notes about IT cosmetics products. So, I couldn’t butcher this up, but I feel like makes this different from I’m just going to read because I just need two different and better than others.


Makeup removing balms is that it doesn’t stay thick or pasty or gooey. So I’ve tried other makeup removers. That is like more like bombs. You know and they’re really thick and like you put them on your eyes and they’re just like a thick pasty like something or and then you wipe you have to wipe it away with like a makeup wipe or something.



See completely on this video.

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