IT Cosmetic Review, These Are Amazing Skin Products

IT Cosmetic Review – Today I’m going to be doing a review and giving you my thoughts on a small gaggle of products from a company called IT cosmetics. Now, IT cosmetics are fast becoming a favorite with a lot of people and I can see why I believe that. Their kind of ethos is that they are problem-solving products and they do that really nicely. So I’m going to tell you the ones that I really like from the collection that I’ve got here, that I got um so firstly.

IT Cosmetic Review, These Are Amazing Skin Products

Let’s discuss the first cosmetics review: The IT cosmetics CC plus cream which is an SPF 50 for UVA and UVB protection.

Cosmetic Review

IT cosmetics products review

For CC cream, this offers a huge amount of movement then I mean a lot of pigment it covers beautifully well and once set is there and the fact that. It has such a high SPF really makes it one of those amazing cosmetics products that you can use on its own as a sunscreen or over sunscreen for additional protection which I recommend the other product. That is going to get a really what is going to get a good view.

It is going to get a good review because I’m reviewing it and I like it is the bye bye under-eye which is an under-eye concealer. Now, first of all, this can be used under the eyes. This can also use on bright um brightening acne breakouts and redness on the skin. IT cosmetics products offers a ridiculous amount of coverage. I’m doing this on the back of my hand because on the front I got color. This blends really well and will absolutely cover.


In fact, I’m going to show you how good IT cosmetics covers, so there’s a little bit here. There you go that’s how good IT covers it will absolutely cover your dark under-eye circles and warp without a doubt cover any redness on the skin is broken capillaries or acne. Absolutely brilliant said, it with a tiny bit of powder which we can talk about.

Now you’re done for the day, so this is one I’m actually keeping for myself for filming is the bye bye pause flawless finish HD micro powder 6.8 grams of the product does what it says on the ten. This is a great powder IT cosmetic products, really does mattify but it really does give the appearance of smoother pause less big pores.

It’s at a wordless big smaller buff it on and it takes shine away but it just seems to temporarily fill in the appearance of large pores. It’s really good. So I’m keeping it for myself. It’s going to have it. I’m just going to talk to you really quickly about two other products that I think are really good.

The first one is waterproof. Note out, waterproof gel Ila clinically proven anti-aging long wear pencil who turn it and it moves up and down. You can timeline with this on the upper lash line. If you keep your eye open for about 15 to 20 seconds, it won’t transfer onto the lower wall time which is great to give the illusion of a thicker darker lash line, typically for those of you with hooded eyes. It’s great the other cosmetics product.

That’s really good is the hello lashes 501 clinically proven mascara. There it is it has a standard kind of brush one. That comes to a sort of roundish point and you kind of wiggle and pull up and then you take the other end, and you can separate each individual lash. It’s plenty of good mascara. I won’t even lie to you, what I could lie to you but I’ve seen a point it’s very very good. Very very good indeed um I have a really good cosmetics product but that’s going to get a video all by itself because oh good waterproof is more Universal brow pencil, eyebrow powder which is actually. It’s not waterproof but it’s incredibly long-lasting. That’s very good as well, in fact, everything, that I got was really really good.


That’s all my honest IT Cosmetic Review. I hope you enjoy it, thanks for reading.

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