A Country Girl Makeup Look For You in 6 Steps

This country girl makeup look is simple, yet cute and is perfect for outdoor occasions. It’s equivalent to a girl next door look and the steps are quite easy to follow.

Country girl makeup look tutorial ideas



So let’s begin with these simple steps towards creating this look…

Step 1

Avoid heavy foundations when you’re outside, the perfect solution is to opt for a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers will nourish your skin and conceal any minor blemishes.

Use your fingertips to apply for gentle ease.

Step 2

If you have freckles, there is no need to be ashamed of that. They’re perfect for a fresh-air look so you don’t have to worry about hiding them.

If you don’t have them, then you can make it look as though you have. Use an eyebrow pencil instead of an eyeliner pencil as it contains a stronger consistency.

A mid-brown shade will be perfect to use, dot on the freckles, concentrating on the nose and cheek areas.

You can be a little creative by applying different sizes of freckles for a natural effect.

Step 3

Use a bronzing powder instead of a blush to give your skin a sun-kissed outdoor look. Choose a minimum pearl or shimmer shade.


Apply it to the plumpest part of your cheeks. This is where the sun would naturally catch your face. You can also dust the bronzing powder over your temples as well.

Step 4

Use an eye shadow blending brush to gently sweep some of the bronzing powder over your eyelids. Natural colors like brown are the best colors for you.
Remove any harsh edges with a clean cotton bud.

Step 5

Apply a little mascara. A natural-looking brown or brown/black shade is the ideal choice, apply just 1 coat.
The waterproof type will be excellent to use on hot days and unexpected downpours.

However, remember that you’ll always need a good, quality makeup remover for your eyes.

Step 6

Avoid using a bold lipstick as this can overpower your soft look. Choose a muted brown-pink shade that’s very close to your natural lip color.

Or, for a natural shine, use a softly tinted lip gloss.


To perfect your country girl makeup look opt for natural color lipsticks, light touches of mascara and eye shadow.
A hint of shimmery blush will give you a complete, glowing appearance that is perfect for the summer.

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