Cute Prom Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Prom hairdos have the role to complement your outfit and enhance the way you look in a great way. That is why you must pay attention to every detail when it comes to deciding on a certain style. There are many tricks that you can use even for short hair, but if your hair has a certain length, you can be confident that you will be able to choose between many cute prom hairstyles for medium hair.


Having a medium hair gives you the possibility to create some of the most polished updos. The easiest updo that you can do by yourself and without having to spend money on a hairdresser is the ballerina bun.

Cute Prom Hairstyles for Medium Hair Picture Cute Prom Hairstyles for Medium Hair Picture

How to create a glamorous ballerina bun

The steps that you need to follow are very simple, and you can be confident that it won’t take you more than five minutes to achieve this hairdo. You must start by applying a smoothing cream through your hair, because only that way you will obtain a great texture that will help your bun look very healthy and shiny. Next, you have to pull up all your hair in a high ponytail and brush it very well to keep the strands united. The last thing that you need to do is wrap the ponytail around the elastic to create a loop, and pull the end of the ponytail through the loop in order to make a knot.

If you have loose ends, fold them around the knot to make a bun. Depending on your preferences, you can embellish your bun with a beaded accessory, a chain hair, or a heavy metal update. However, take note that you must consider your other accessories before opting for additional elements in your hair. Wearing sparkling bracelets, earnings, or a big necklace might be more than enough, so try not to create a heavy look by adding even more accessories.

Still, if you want to enhance your bun, you can do it by wrapping a braided element around it. That way you will achieve one of the classiest and cute prom hairstyles for medium hair. One of Beyonce’s hairstyles was created by using the same technique, so you can even get inspired by celebrity trends.

How to achieve a delicate look 

If you want to create one of the cute prom hairstyles for medium hair that allow you to show off your feminine side, we recommend you to leave your hair down. This type of hairdo can also serve as a source of inspiration for certain wedding hairstyles, so feel free to experiment. No matter what you will choose between vintage waves and luscious curls, we guarantee you that the result will be amazing. Beachy waves are can also provide you a fabulous look.

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As you can see, medium hair is just about as versatile as long hair. Things are a little more complicated when it comes to short hair, but with the right inspiration and the proper styling tools, even a short haircut can have a different look each day. If you don’t believe us, visit shaircuts.net. On this website, you will find a lot of inspiration for styling short haircuts.

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